Who’s been watching you?

Has Google been checking you out? Prompted by this thread over at LP I decided to check if the Dave from Albury Compound had been photographed, fully expecting that street view would have only been performed in major cities. To my surprise, we’re there in living colour. Less surprising is the fact that if you pan the camera around to look up the driveway you can see the Davemobile (the Spazda, not the Audi) parked in the driveway indicating that on the day in question I was probably at home blogging doing research on behalf of my customers.

Have you all been “Street Viewed”? Was the lawn mowed?

16 thoughts on “Who’s been watching you?

  1. Yep, the estate has been Street Viewed. The photo was taken on a Thursday so there are empty bins scattered around the street – good look. The tree in the front yard has all of its leaves so you can’t really see the house. It also rained that day, so it’s nice for historical purposes, just in case the kids don’t see it for another 7 years.

  2. I love it that you can see my ex’s car at his girlfriend’s house! Even though tried to make out that they weren’t in a ‘relationship’ last summer!!!

    Yes I used google to cyber stalk…… Call me bad…

  3. That’s Gold Miss L! Make sure you do the right thing and email the link to friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers, neighbours…. It’s not stalking if everyone is looking.

  4. I put our address in and it came up. Pretty good too, considering we’ve got an 135 metre frontage to the G.A.R. I liked the way you could pan up and down the street and take it all in.

    I didn’t find it the slightest bit intrusive or an invasion of privacy. What are people complaining about? It’s a still photo taken sometime ago (at least 6 months in my case) and all it shows is what you could see as you drive or walk by. Big deal.

    It’s not like it’s a CCTV.

  5. The renovations … and the position of the 15 cubic metre skip. It looks like early this year. I couldn’t see anyone working out there though.

  6. The Street Scape photo of my assistant’s house clearly shows her husband mowing their lawn. She has suggested she is quite embarrassed at his outfit and the “dorky” stripes the lawn was being mowed…

    We think that Dubbo was done in Feb 2008. The new Bunnings store that opened in June doesn’t have all the walls up yet in the photos…

    Far from an invasion of privacy…I find the whole thing quite addictive!

  7. I must have got really lucky because in summer (when the photo was taken) the front lawn is usually dead and really ugly. But we had a wetter summer and it was beautifully green … and mowed, which was also a fluke.

    Leanne’s worried that customers might be put off by the photo still showing some works going on, but I said she’s got this in reverse and the benefit is that WE can check out our customers’ homes before deciding whether to accept their bookings. We don’t want any riff-raff here and if they’ve got an untidy looking home the answer is NO.

  8. Hi Dave, sorry I didn’t answer you over at AO.

    If you type in Ray’s address at Google you’ll see what I’m talking about. Look closely and you’ll see him and his developer mates in the background, plotting how they can get control of the Alpine council and turn Bright into the next Gold Coast. He’s a real bastard.

    PS: And if you think I’m Ray too, then you’re also a bastard! Check my email & IP if you like! I hope that answers your question about Cittaslow. Cheerio.

  9. There’s a delightful picture of the variety of trees and shrubs we have planted in our front yard, which obscure the house almost completely. Perfect!

  10. I can tell you the exact day and time my house was photographed, because the Google photographers were accosted by a rather angry Welsh man demanding to know why the fuck they were taking photos of the house. At least I know my human security system works a treat!

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