Retro 80s goodness.

I’m going to indulge in a bit of 80s nostalgia, so I hope that you’re ready to gobble up a bit of processed cheese with me. The reason for this excursion down memory lane is that I have the theme song for this particular show on my iPod, and I found myself singing along with it this morning.

Everyone remembers The A-Team, The Dukes of Hazzard and Magnum PI, but in my estimation none of these shows come even close to matching the brilliance of Lee Majors’ post Six Million Dollar Man vehicle, The Fall Guy.

Let’s just take a quick look at all of the things that helped to make this show great.

  • Lead Character has a cool name? Check, Colt Seavers
  • A cool job? Check, he’s a Hollywood stuntman who spends his spare time working as a bounty hunter.
  • Awesome theme-song? Check, Lee Majors sang “The unknown stuntman” for this show, and in the lyrics name checked his ex-wife Farrah Fawcett.
  • Cool car? Check, before SUVs were for “soccer moms”, Colt Seavers’ two tone monster GMC pickup did things that would make the General Lee quiver with fear.
  • Goofy sidekick? Check, stuntman in training Howie Munson.
  • Hot blond in a bikini? Check, Heather Thomas. In the credits no less.
  • Action? Do you even need to ask? He’s a stuntman who works as a bounty hunter!

This was probably my favourite live action show on TV as a kid but I rarely find anyone else who remembers it, even though they do recall watching the Six Million Dollar Man. I’m really not sure how The Fall Guy slipped through the cracks while many of its contemporaries manage to continue in re-runs or in feature film remakes, it was still popular when Lee Majors pulled the pin on it and it hadn’t turned to turgid crap the way that The A-Team or Airwolf did.

Still, whenever the theme song shuffles its way onto my iPod I am very tempted to order the DVDs and try to defy the two decades that have past, re-watching the opening credits only strengthens that temptation. I dare you to argue that this isn’t five types of awesome.

29 thoughts on “Retro 80s goodness.

  1. JR: You can’t, it’s simply not possible. Five types of awesome.

    Ray: If I threw out the iPod I’d have one less excuse not to hear Buster Boy, the Troll Princess and Mrsdave. I’m not old enough for convincing selective hearing.

  2. I know you’ve had a lot on your plate lately, Dave, what with the AWOL crisis and all. Get yourself together man.

    You wanna polish up on selective hearing? Just ask me.

    As for Lee Majors, what he knew about acting you could tatoo on an ant’s arse

  3. So: The Fall Guy good; The Pirate Movie bad. Just wanted to make sure my 80’s nostalgia is in order.

  4. As for Lee Majors, what he knew about acting you could tatoo on an ant’s arse

    This may be true Jr, but it doesn’t detract from the five kinds of awesome that I have been alluding to. Didn’t you see the list? And the clip? Awesome!

  5. Lee, I realised as I was writing this post the fact that in light of my Pirate Movie stance I may be opening myself up to charges of myopia. The fact is though, The Fall Guy was always good, the Pirate Movie was always bad, it’s just that youth and enthusiasm overtook Mrsdave.

  6. Paddling up the creek, Dave, I’m afraid. Face up to it man, that song title should have been the show’s title.

  7. Don’t buy those DVDs Dave, put the money towards the Ti Space pen. I fondly recall Fraggle Rock as being hands-down the best afternoon TV show one could indulge in after school. I’ve got a couple of DVDs worth of medium quality downloads at home somewhere, yet sadly I’ve only ever managed to sit through approximately 1/2 an episode in spite of several valiant attempts. Similar problem with The Mysterious Cities of Gold (although SWMBO has has more luck there) and even, dare I say it, Battle of the Planets.

  8. I know what you mean about Fraggle Rock lemmiwinks, it came on ABC2 a while back and we excitedly dragged the kids onto the couch to show it to them. They were, to say the least, unimpressed and even Mrsdave and I found our enthusiasm waning. Having seen BOTP recently I can understand your disappointment, 7 Zark 7 really is crappy and there must be a limit to how much ping pong they can play.

    Alternatively, Astroboy is a hit in our household, so that’s something. Another survivor is Labyrinth, although it scared the hell out of Buster Boy, so it’s back on the shelf for a while. I have faith that Robotech will stand up OK, but I’m waiting until BB is old enough to watch it before I get it so I don’t have to resist the temptation of showing it to him.

  9. I’m working my way through Mysterious Cities of Gold. Slowly. And singing along with the theme tune at any opportunity.

    I’m sad that I just can’t make myself watch more of Ulysses 31. I’d gotten a disk and a half into the box set before my interest waned. And I loved that show as a kid. I wanted to be coloured blue, and kiss Telemachus!

    But you know what stands the test of time well? Really really well in an ironic mocking OMFG what was that sort of way?


  10. Cities of Gold was another favourite of mine. The 80’s doesn’t have the exclusive title for great kids shows though, Mrsdave and I love Pocoyo perhaps even more than the kids do.

  11. I think Astroboy is a timeless classic and SWMBO absolutely loves Labyrinth. Robotech sounds familiar to me, though the images turned up by google aren’t so maybe I’m imagining it.

    Let me just say that I still have my yellow Voltron lion stored at my parents place. I think it formed a leg or something, I never really harboured any desire for the full set.

    Speaking of obscure 80’s mangas, 80’s tragics, I could use some help identifying one I used to love as a kid. All I can recall about it is that their spaceship looked a bit like an ocean going ship and had a gigantic laser cannon integrated into the hull. At the end the ship became the centre of a new colony (it may have crash landed, I don’t recall).

  12. That was Space Battleship Yamato, or to us, Starblazers. The gigantic laser cannon integrated into the hull was the Wave Motion Gun.

    The Yamato was a real WWII Japanese battleship, so for the English speaking version the ship was re-christened The Argo.

  13. Oh Dave, you are now my hero! Seriously, thanks that’s been bugging me for a while. Nothing like combining two memories eh? At least that explains why Robotech was familiar to me. Now to download all the Starblazers episodes and abandon watching them 1/2 way through the first one…

  14. Geez, Dave, you’re actually experiencing your 15 minutes of fame and it looks more than a slim chance of developing into cult status. You never know, you might achieve “Cult Leader” status b4 Wednesday night. I’ve never met a cult leader, ever!

    Space wise, I’ve lost count of the number of times I watched S Kubrick’s 2001.

  15. I know the feeling, Dave. My list of inabilities seems to go on so far that by the time I begin to see its end, I’ve forgotten what I started reading.

  16. “You know what else from the ’80s is great?”

    Petrol, booze & cigarettes were a hell of a lot cheaper. And it was OK to be a boozing, smoking petrol-head.

    Oh, and alco-pops hadn’t even been invented and ‘ecstasy’ was something you (occasionaly) experienced with the opposite sex.

  17. I should have excluded ‘petrol head’ from the ‘OK’ list. It’s never been ‘OK’ to be a petrol-head – they’ve always been bogans.

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