I have ventured outside of the Dave from Albury Compound this week and I’m posting at this moment from a very snazzy hotel in Elizabeth St, Sydney. As a result don’t be surprised if I either,

a) don’t post anything else until the weekend; or
b) post incoherent drivel after returning from a “dinner” with my colleagues, at the company’s expense.

So, silence or train wreck, tune in and see what shows up (of course you could just subscribe to the RSS feed so that you’d know when new stuff was posted instead of googling “dave from albury” a couple of times a week (by the way, haven’t you learnt how to bookmark a website?))

The trip today was good, I flew up on the Virgin Blue E170 jet which is much quieter and more comfortable than the Dash-8s that Qantas use for regional routes. On the down side, because it’s a jet flight the security requirements are greater, so I found myself piling all my stuff on an x-ray machine, doing laps of the metal detector and being subjected to an explosives swab (I swear it’s the beard). I guess that means that Rex and Qantas are now officially the terrorists’ airlines of choice.

After 14 hours in Sydney, I’m over it already.

35 thoughts on “Away

  1. Yeah, it beats me why more people don’t subscribe to D from A and bookmark this site, Dave. I’m permanently linked here because I want to know every word you say … as soon as you say it.

    Enjoy Sydney and stay away from Oxford Street (Kings Cross too).

  2. PS: If you’re looking for Bron up there just wander down to Hyde Park around 5pm … and look behind the bushes. She’ll be ‘observing’ (something).

  3. I’ve always maintained that the best thing to come out of Sydney is the road but then I’m a self confessed hick who can’t bear more than two days there.

  4. I get the same ‘bomb’ swab every time I go through the airport, but I don’t have a beard; what reason could they have for targeting me?

  5. I’ve been keeping an eye on the Albury compound for you… Mrsdave has already booked ‘Sparkle’ for Friday morning …. seems she must have been impressed with how well you kept house when she went away last. You must have set a high benchmark there Dave!

  6. I was just going to say something about Hyde Park, which is just across the road from Elizabeth Street, but Ray beat me to it.

    Anyway, if you weren’t over Sydney already, I’d say welcome. But you’re over it, so I say: GO HOME!

  7. Well, Bron, if you get up to that sort of activity in Hide Park AND you’ve got a camera handy, the important thing to remember is that the round thingy with the glass in the middle should be facing away from you when you press the button.

    You do know about the button, Bron?

  8. I didn’t get back to the city until after 5:30 this afternoon, all I found in the bushes was a feral cat. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    I quite enjoyed Sin City today, the weather was marvellous.

  9. That button didn’t work really, did it?

    Not unless that button was designed to lift the price of a Coopers to $15 here in the lobby. I am almost outraged on behalf of the person who will have to approve my travel expenses.

  10. Hardy har har. Get your own beer, Dave. I’m broke.*

    Yeah, I went to bed after my last message.

    *Lie – but no one has to know that.

  11. Look Bron, you’re both obviously foxing around here. I suggest you & Dave just meet up in Hyde Park and be done with it. (And don’t forget the photos)

  12. I don’t know if any of you have actually met Bron; I haven’t. I reckon it would be great if ‘Bron’ turned out to be an alias and she was actually a 46 year old, hairy ‘he’ named Brian.

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