Hearse Fail

What happens when you forget to properly close the boot or tail gate on your car? In ours we get warning lights to let us know that something is amiss, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for one of our local funeral directors.

I received these photos this morning via email, the event seems to have occurred last week. At least it’s reassuring that the coffins are very sturdy.

12 thoughts on “Hearse Fail

  1. Yeah, Dave, this happened while you were away doing “cheap grog” deals in Sydney with Bron. The daughter of the deceased was evidently quoted as saying that her dad was always a practical joker and would have been very pleased to be “involved”.

  2. Yeah, it’s good that the family have seen the humorous side of it. Going out with a BANG! — in the middle of the road.

  3. It was big news here last week, Dave, but I thought I’d leave this one to you. “Only in Albury” might have been a better heading though!

    Great shots and JR’s right, the family (surprisingly) didn’t get upset about it. Maybe they should have feigned a bit of shock and horror. It would have to be worth a couple of hundred grand in compensation for ‘pain & suffering’.

  4. If the driver had taken off a bit more gently instead of getting involved in a traffic light GP (probably against a P plater in a riced up Excel) the whole business could have been avoided. Assuming that there’s no uphill between there and the cemetery anyway…

  5. Can you imagine what was going through the funeral directors mind? He would have seen his whole business flash before his eyes.

    Besides closing the tailgate, you would have though that they would secure the coffin within the cabin to avoid it sliding backwards and forth during the trip. I would have thought that the knocking from the back every time the brakes were applied would have been quite disconcerting to the driver.

  6. Well it just goes to prove that having a quality casket is as important as wearing clean undies when you go out on the town! (You’re mother told you that, didn’t she?) 😉

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