Signing your own death warrant.

The Nightwatchman has declared that it’s on! I can only suspect that Nelson is hoping to catch Turnbull unprepared for the spill and is hoping to bluff him. This could catastrophically backfire in one of two ways;

  • Turnbull throws his hat in the ring and massacres Brendoc, or
  • Turnbull sits on his hands, briefs journos about how he never had any intention of challenging before the next election and leaves Brendoc looking like an idiot, with no extra sense of authority over his party.

Whatever the result, Nelson can’t win. He’s refused to even pretend to be competent over the past ten months and this snap call for a spill only reinforces the idea that he makes stuff up on the run.

11 thoughts on “Signing your own death warrant.

  1. Did I miss something? Is there a Liberal leadership spill on? I guess I shouldn’t watch so much Austar and shows like ‘On the couch’. I must keep more up to date.

  2. Actually, having now read the news about Nelson’s “I’ll show you, I’m calling a spill and calling your bluff before you actually bluff” announcement, I reckon it makes the ever-so-boring AFL All Australian team awards look like riveting entertainment.

    What a yawn. You’re right, Dave, he can only end up with (even more) egg on his face. I hope Turnbull sits on his hands and just makes him sweat a bit more. We’d hate to lose the Doc, who’s been a source of great mirth.

  3. What I love is how the vote and subsequent speeches completely deflated Costello’s book launch. I doubt very much whether there was much of a turnup at 11am this morning… carefactor? zero.
    Now that’s revenge for all the speculation. Onya, Brendan.

  4. Costello strung this out as long as he did in order to maintain public interest in his book. It still wont sell though, who wants to read a politicians memoirs? Even us hacks find them boring.

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