And the geek shall inherit the earth.

As I embarked on my honours year at University my best friend came up with a stunning plan. His idea was that he, Mrsdave (at that stage still only nominated to become Mrsdave) another friend of ours with a blinding intellect and I should all change out enrolments to external study and move into my parents holiday home at Yamba, on the NSW north coast. His theory was that we certainly couldn’t do any worse academically than we were likely to living in college and if we engineered the conditions just right our friend of blinding intellect would invent something that the rest of us could live off in perpetuity.He also argued that moving to Yamba while we were still at uni was probably the only chance that we would have to live in such an idyllic place, with so few commitments, before we were ready to retire. The suggestion to lock our friend the boy wonder in the garage with a collection of PCs, a soldering iron and a steady supply of pizza and cola until he made us rich was only half said in jest.

Unsurprisingly enough, we didn’t follow through with his plan. However, his prediction about our academic achievements were right, honours and I never got along, so I ditched it half way through the year, Mrsdave’s thesis went back and forth so many times that it resembled the ball in a game of pong, and the boy wonder kept failing subjects that weren’t technical enough to hold his interest. As for the architect of our plan, his academic fate was even worse, he ended up obtaining a law degree.

My learned friend reminds me of his plan every time news comes up about another tech company making millions for its founders, thus far I’m apparently responsible for us not inventing Youtube, Facebook, MySpace and eBay, as well as having denied him the chance to live on the coast. I’m sharing this with you to pre-empt the next burden that I will no doubt be shouldered with as Blizzard, the company that produces World of Warcraft, has today revealed how much money can be made from their gaming drug.

It turns out that Blizzard has spent $200 million over the past four years to run their Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, which is a lot of cash, unless you compare it to their revenue from a claimed 10 million subscribers each paying $15 a month to play.

So add WoW to the list of things that didn’t get invented in our garage at Yamba because we didn’t move there for the year. I suppose I owe you another couple of billion dollars for the opportunities that I denied us all, add it to my tab. I’ll go double or nothing on it next time I play your wife at backgammon.

3 thoughts on “And the geek shall inherit the earth.

  1. It really would have been like wining the lotto at 21. It was a good plan but if we are being completely honest, it should be noted that the plan was rejected along with such other brilliant plans as us becoming pirates pillaging the NSW north coast in your dad’s boat (God bless his shiny gene) but instead of buggerising the cabin boy, we would lock him up below deck with a collection of PC’s, a soldering iron…..

    Perhaps it says something about us that our life plan was based around scumming off your dad for the present and the boy genius for the rest of our lives. This taking responsibility for ourselves lacks a certain je ne sais quoi.

    Tell you one plan that did not work: putting all your hope for a rich life into just one geek; sure you’re funny, but I would have traded for Google.

  2. Ah, sweet life always has some regrets, ponders I.

    But then you wouldn’t have had this awesome blog, you ungrateful so-and-so! And I would never have had the chance to meet a prospective north coast layabout and beach bum.

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