Progress update

Back at the beginning of May I shared with you all my slow progress in building a deck outside our dining room for Mrsdave. My excuse of it being too wet to pour concrete finally ran out so I invested in some cement and poured the footings a few weeks ago.

Of course pouring the footings was easy, laying bricks on them, not so much. Luckily I was saved from the humiliation of having to show off my complete and utter inability to lay bricks to a level height by a friend who knew a bloke, who had a brother who did odd jobs.

One hundred and twenty bucks later, and I now have 9 piles of bricks, all level and waiting for me to show off my crappy woodworking skills.


Anyone want to place bets on a completion date for this project?

Update: If you want to place bets, it’s only fair that I disclose that the only reason I got around to pouring the footings is that the next door neighbour was having some concreting done and the contractor had some con mix leftover.

17 thoughts on “Progress update

  1. Dave, sounds like a deck warming coming right up. Kill 2 birds with the one stone for my picture library, rear deck AND monster on the same day, woohoo!

  2. Weather permitting honey, I am giving you a month tops! No more procrastinations, otherwise I may have to get my whip out. How does that work for you? 🙂

  3. I’m not sure what is sadder, Dave, that photo of your ‘handywork’ or the public S & M talk between you and the missus.

    Anyway, what’s with using the bricks as pillars? Dave, if it’s just a deck you use either treated pine stumps (or cypress pine if you don’t like arsenic) that you either set into the concrete footings or on stirrups (that are then set into the concrete).

    And if it’s a relatively small deck (that’s deck with an “e”) you just prop it all up until you’re finished, and then you level it and then you pour the concrete footings.

    Sorry for the condescending DIY tips but, er …..

    At this rate I’m betting May 2009 completion. October 2009 it all collapses.

  4. Ray, the original plan was stirrups in concrete, but when I went to dig the holes for the footings I found a large concrete slab, bottom left of photo, just below ground level. That caused the switch to brick footings.

  5. My bet is for December 2008 when we come down for christmas. Dad will be so shocked at your unbelievably poor attempt and will have to help you finish it.

  6. Dave, don’t feel inadequate about having “crappy woodworking skills”. I have never heard of a Mac geek using a hammer to build a network or for repairing a broken link?

  7. Er, how thick is that concrete slab, Dave? If it’s only 3 or 4 inches, them smash a hole in it. If it’s thicker then use it as a footing by dyna-bolting a plate to take a timber stump. There ends lesson 202.

  8. We’ve been doing it off and on for 2 years Greg, but the main renovation work on the units took a bit over a year, and the rest has been ‘bits & pieces’ and work on the house. A big project and one we had to balance with the business of staying open.

    It also included two decks of about 50 sq metres each, some of them over concrete!

  9. I’ll back February 2009 – Dave Snr will be so shocked at the work completed he will pay someone to finish it for you. Obviously no tradies work in January so end of February it is – just in time for me to arrive for the trip to the AGP! Deck warming it is!

  10. So I’m guessing that the front lawn hasn’t been mowed since May, right?

    It’s hard to go past the inside knowledge that Sarah brings to the forecasting. Frank, Brian and Matt will see you right.

  11. I’ll bet on end March 2009. Just before the cold months make outdoor work impossible, but waaaay too late for Mrsdave to actually enjoy. In fact, if you got it done by then I’d be impressed! You’d be in a minority of home “handy”men.

  12. “It will be finished when it’s bloody well finished!”
    or words to that effect.
    Personally, I am amazed at anyone attempting DYI home renos with under 5’s and their constant ‘helping hands!’

  13. Sorry, Dave, but with all this duck-shoving and smoke and mirrors going on, I’m afraid my appointment book is full of commitments and a deck warming is just out of the question before, on or after Christmas.

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