Jeff Kennett, man of the people.

This week has already bought us a good giggle at Malcolm Tunbull’s expense as he told the nation how his favourite AFL team was the (non-existant) Roosters, but here’s another great example of a former pollie not quite connecting with the rest of us.

Jeff Kennett, presently the President of the Hawthorn Football Club, was speaking to the ABC about how he felt seeing his team in the AFL Grand Final.

Bogon? Bogon? Yeah, Jeff’s a man who’d fit right in with the cheer squad on the boundary.

5 thoughts on “Jeff Kennett, man of the people.

  1. I saw/heard the news item and I nearly fell off the chair laughing at his attempt to sound like ‘one of the crowd’. Maybe he meant “Bogong” as in the Bogong moth. They’re attracted to bright lights too.

  2. Maybe he’ll sell off the old Glenferrie Oval to his mates at Mirvac for an upmarket apartment development. Prime real estate that and he can’t touch schools these days.

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