Is anyone else worried?

I’ve got my tin-foil hat on at the moment, and what I’m about to speculate is a little ghoulish, but I just can’t seem to shake the thought that the body recently found in Dubrovnik harbour may not be Brit Lapthorne.

Here are the things that jump out at me about this story.

  • The Lapthorne family have been pretty vocal in their criticism of the Croatian and Australian authorities who were charged with the search for their daughter Brit.
  • A badly decomposed body is found in Dubrovnik harbour, so badly decomposed that apparently the sex couldn’t even be determined or the hair colour identified.
  • Croatian police initially suggest that the body is unlikely to be Brit based on the level of decomposition.
  • The Lapthorne family escalate their media campaign.
  • DNA testing on the body is completed days earlier than expected and is a match for Brit Lapthorne.

I can’t imagine that the Croatian Police enjoyed the international media attention that they were receiving, nor the daily denouncements from the Lapthorne family. Is it really too much of a stretch to think that someone may have wanted to get the Lapthorne case over and done with?

Dale Lapthorne said on Radio National this morning that the family would be getting an independent autopsy done on the body once it is returned to Australia, I wonder if it may open up an even more macabre chapter of this story?

9 thoughts on “Is anyone else worried?

  1. Funny – we were only discussing this theory at work this morning. Find a body, call it Britt, close the case, send everyone home and everything is back to normal. I’m backing the body isn’t her…

  2. I’m glad it’s not just me then. When they announced that it was her body I instantly wondered if it was true, but it’s not the type of thought patterns that you tend to dwell on.

  3. This case shows many of the hallmarks of misinformation from all parties. The father protests too much – we haven’t been told who’s passport the hoteliers wife tried to post to Australia – the son of the hotelier held in custody for two days – and so it goes on.

    As the plot tickens, could it be that at IS Britt but that she has been missing much longer than mid September. Very interesting!

  4. I would hate to think the Croatian Police are “fobbing” off a body as Brit. I agree the DNA testing came in pretty quickly. Please do not put the family through this anguish.!! It is not adding up in my mind. Marlene

  5. I agree! I have a feeling that something is terribly wrong in the whole thing. As I understood, a DNA test can take upto 30 days!!! I am awaiting the results from the Melbourne lab…

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