Dear Solly, get stuffed.

Solomon Lew has suggested that the GST be cut from 10% to 5% to help stimulate the economy. Never mind that this would devastate the budgets of the State Governments who rely on the GST for revenue, never mind that this would lead to instant profiteering by the bulk of retailers, Solly wants everyone to spend more money at Just Jeans and Portmans and he’ll come up with any scheme to help achieve this. 

No thanks Sol. I personally prefer the Federal Government using its funds to invest in infrastructure that will have a lasting benefit rather than propping up your share price.

One thought on “Dear Solly, get stuffed.

  1. Yep, that was kinda stupid. However, at least he did agree that the government should/will go into deficit to try and keep the economy out of recession. Now the thing that really, really pisses me off about big business loving liberal voting morons is the way they bleat on and on about the budget surplus. That’s OUR money. We gave it to the government. If there’s a surplus it means that too little of the considerable amount of tax that we pay has been spent on essential items like, oh I don’t know, health, education, policing, public transport, infrastructure maintenance…

    While I’m certainly not saying that a massive deficit is something we should be glad of, neither is a budget surplus. Somewhere around break even is what a government should aim for.

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