The Company One Keeps

Arriving home to the Dave from Albury Compound yesterday around mid morning I was intrigued to see the intersection just past our driveway had been blocked off by the Police and they were turning around any vehicles that wanted to pass through. As I hadn’t requested anything of the sort (it keeps the paparazzi away) it piqued my interest somewhat. As it turned out, the Police were engaged in trying to convince an armed man who was threatening self harm to surrender to them.

Thankfully the event ended without anyone being hurt, but it adds to the growing tally of issues that the Police have had to deal with in our little corner of the world. It’s amazing how our front fences can enclose us in such a bubble that we lose touch with what’s happening around us until something dramatic occurs.

2 thoughts on “The Company One Keeps

  1. Class neighbourhood, Dave. Btw, I just loved the final line in the BM report:

    A neighbour, who didn’t want to be named, said she didn’t know the man at the centre of the siege.

    That has to be the most meaningless piece of journalism I’ve ever read.

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