Stupid Products

Today I came across a product that simply confounded me with its stupidity. It came from the world of Hi-Fi, which should come as no surprise considering that this is a market where consumers debate the merits of cables which retail for hundreds of dollars but cost 37c to manufacture. The product was a pair of wireless home theatre speakers.

“What’s stupid about that?” I hear you thinking, “surely removing the need to run speaker wires from your amp to your speakers is a great idea?”. Well, it might be, if it weren’t for the fact that speakers need electrical current to make the cones move and produce sound, meaning that each of these speakers has a power cable hanging out of it. Not particularly bloody wireless now is it?

So, instead of having to route a relatively thin wire across a room, which you can do yourself and easily conceal with little more effort than drilling a few holes, you need to have a 240 volt power socket available within a short distance of where you place your speakers. And this is before you even begin to look into the other down sides of these ‘wireless’ speakers like the potential for Radio Frequency interference, or the fact that you’ve just increased the complexity of the device, meaning there’s more stuff to go wrong or break.

What type of marketing half-wit was allowed to get this product to market? Who were the wood ducks who looked past the big bloody power cord and decided to buy these ‘wireless’ speakers? How hard did the sparky laugh when he sent the bill to these people for the installation of the power points for each of their speakers? To be fair, I guess you could avoid putting in power points by running an extension cord to each of the wireless speakers…….

I am more convinced every day that consumerism will kill us.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Products

  1. QUOTE: I am more convinced every day that consumerism will kill us. END QUOTE

    Yeah well, Dave, industry tells us this is the next big thing we need, and we go right along with it. Quack, quack, quack.

  2. With your shiny gene, does this mean you’re on a suicide mission? Surely I am not the only one that is thinking ‘space pen’?

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