I hate Play Dough

What on earth is supposed to be appealing about this?


There are plenty of kids’ toys out there that are annoying or which cause parents to question why on earth their kids are drawn to them, but for me there’s nothing worse than Play Dough.

It doesn’t matter if it’s one of the various brands of commercially produced stuff, or lovingly hand made dough coming in whatever colour food dye was in surplus, it all ends up as a messy grey lump which has lost its consistency. Along the way pieces of it will undoubtedly end up smeared into the couch, trampled into carpet or cracks in the floor, hidden amongst toys and appliances, and strategically placed in shoes.

Making matters worse, kids love this crap! Unlike other undesirable children’s products (like big purple fucking dinosaurs) you can’t just ban play dough and hope to replace it with something else (like Astroboy and Star Blazers). There is nothing else, short of enrolling your three year old in a ‘Terracotta for adventurous beginners’ course at your local community college (which I’m sure some parents already do, when they’re not busy trying to figure out how to remove their teenagers from anti-semetic Facebook groups).

So if you ever need to buy a present for a kid whose parents you’re not fond of, put play dough at the top of your list.

2 thoughts on “I hate Play Dough

  1. Thanks for adding the photo. Now I have solved the mystery of what I found at the bottom of my handbag after I babysat last week – I was a little perplexed!

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