11 thoughts on “Parenting Question

  1. Nope. Time to bury it (away from Snert) and plant a tree. Did you keep both or does second child syndrome also apply to placentas?

  2. I forgot to take the placenta home second time around. Luckily, Mrsdave’s parents came to the rescue and so it is still in one of their freezers.

    We do need to bury them, but you can’t rush these things….. it’s only been 4 years, 10 months since I bought the first one home.

  3. I do.
    and it is marked in a plastic bag… husband avoids that side of the freezer.
    And this one is only about three years old… so I still have time then?! Good!

  4. I have two concerns about the placenta.

    First, after almost five years in a freezer does it retain any of the nutrients it’s supposed to? Secondly, if I do get around to burying it in the garden it’s going to have to be defrosted right?

    I think we’re at that awkward point where we don’t really want to do anything with it, but we’d feel like awful parents if we fed it to the dog disposed of it.

  5. Isn’t that’s what the hospital is for Dave? They’re used to getting rid of body parts. I’m no expert but I’m pretty sure they don’t pop them in the freezer, the freezer is for food (tell me you weren’t intending to eat it!)

  6. Look, at some point in time it seemed a great idea to bury the placenta in the garden and plant a special tree above it for the benefit of the kids. Right about now though, it seems like space that could be used to hold an extra bottle of schnapps.

    I don’t know that rocking up to a hospital with two frozen placentas, asking for somewhere to dispose of them, would be a good look.

  7. Don’t you have rubbish collections in East Albury? Just put it in a thick black plastic bag and be done with it. In years to come you can take the kids down to the local landfill and say, “it’s buried here somewhere.”

  8. Dave, the RSPCA’s homeless dogs department is always on the lookout for donations. Would that not be fitting? Just think, some motherless mongrel cross whatever could smack it’s lips around that and live one more day, maybe even see one last miserable Christmas.

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