Unique names

I admit it, I’m a name snob. I have been known to read through the birth notices of my local paper with squeals of glee as I’ve come across strangely spelt, culturally inappropriate, or just plain bizarre names. I have laughed out loud at what I thought these choices of names must say about the intellectual capacity of the parents who chose them. However, I can now see that my haughty derision of these people was completely misplaced.

Because I should have been saving my contempt for the halfwit who named his son Adolf Hitler. This guy has killed name snobbery forever, how could anyone compete with Adlof Hitler as a name for your child? How can you pour scorn onto someone who has misspelled an American state and decided it would be a good moniker, when you know that there’s a kid out there called Adolf Hitler?

Heath and Deborah Campbell weren’t content to settle with little Adolf either, they backed up with JoyceLynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie. How can anyone compete with that kind of crazy?


I’m sure this kid will have all kinds of fun growing up in New Jersey, which proportionally has the second largest Jewish population of any US state. As for me, I guess I’m going to have to find another ten minutes entertainment on Saturdays to replace the fun that this family has taken fom me.

11 thoughts on “Unique names

  1. Well, I’m going to keep practising, Greg … at least once a month!

    Getting back to the topic, my ex-sister in-law lived in the US for many years and started a family when she came back home. Her first daughter was born around the time that ‘Dynasty’ was a big TV hit, so she called her Alexis. Her second was born around the time the US won the right to hold the 96 Olympics (the one that Melbourne should have got), so she called her Atlanta. That one made the Herald-Sun as the only ‘Atlanta’ registered for the year. At least she didn’t change the spelling.

  2. Atlanta, beautiful, should be a common name. Save a lot of bandwidth in posts. Shorten name to At and presto, we have @. πŸ™‚

  3. We will still check out the photos of the local bogans here who name their children with dumb, illiterate names (this weeks specials – Kaleb and Rydah)…however we also now play another little game thanks to Wil Anderson…we look at the wedding photos published in the paper ever week and play “Who Did Better”.

  4. In Italy they have a law against giving a child a stupid name. Stupid sounding names have to be reported upon registration, and a judge can order the name changed if it’s deemed just too stupid.

    It was first used when a child was named “Friday”, the judge ruled that it was too stupid, and named the kid Gregory (after the saint’s day of his birth). link.

  5. You’ve got to admit though it’s the Yanks who come up with the worst names – even the surnames.

    There’s a guy called Jim Bob Duggar who has fathered his 18th child. The stupid part is that all their first names start with ‘J’. His poor missus’s name is Michelle, which kind of adds some variety!

    It gets better – visit his website, http://www.duggarfamily.com/, and marvel at the sheer opulence (& crassness) of their home which is complete with a canteen-style servery attached to the kitchen!

    Of course, coming from Arkansas they’re bible-bashers and the web site is filled with ‘Hallelujahs’ and other assorted God bothering phrases.

    Only in America……………….

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