NSW Liberals give ALP “One more chance”

New South Wales Opposition Leader Barry O’Farrell today unveiled the Liberal Party’s latest effort to keep the inept NSW ALP in control of the Treasury benches by announcing a plan to increase the number of Highway Patrol Units on NSW roads.

“The people of New South Wales have grown immune to the unpalatable choices that we have provided them over the past few elections, so disgusted are they with the performance of the ALP. I think it’s going to take more than a few leadership spills, and extreme right wingers with narrow moral agendas to scare voters away in 2011, so we’ve decided to announce an all out assault on them.” said Mr O’Farrell

“With this policy we will take money out of the pockets of every commuter and holiday maker, we will demonise drivers everywhere and we will do nothing to address the underlying problems with the road system in New South Wales which lead to so many fatalities.” he continued.

Mr O’Farrell concluded “We’re petrified of being in Government and we will not rest until we have made ourselves unelectable once more.”

The Premier, Nathan Rees, was unavailable for comment, however a spokesperson denied that cases of Moet seen being delivered to his Macquarie St office this afternoon were related to the announcement.

2 thoughts on “NSW Liberals give ALP “One more chance”

  1. What Highway Patrols ?. I live in Perthville which is 10km south of Bathurst. Most cars speed on the Rockley road in the 50 KMs a hour zone. Like the town is not there. We see a highway Patrol maybe once in every 3 months and that for no more than 5 minutes. Parked on side of the road. I am a swinging voter, good bye ALP. We want more patrols, and we want reform to the NSW Highway Police to do there job, not general dutys.

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