11 thoughts on “I hate mosquitos

  1. Sand, Greg? What sand” There’s no sand in bright. So I wonder what those heads are really buried in or maybe up, eh? 😉

  2. Oh very funny, guys. Look, it’s a fact – there are NO mosquitos in Bright. Why? Well, mosquitos only breed in stagnant water and around here we’ve only got ‘running water’ (and plenty of it).

    Truly, in 13 years of living here I’ve never had a mosquito bite … and they usually love me! I tell you, it’s just paradise in Bright (pity about the people).

  3. Well, Ray, I can see your point. This is definitely a very significant revelation. I feel so confident in this new way of seeing Bright’s new direction in tourism relevance that I’ve taken out copyright on a world wide, unique advertising slogan.

    Now, I realize that you regal citizens of of this sleepy little hamlet stand to gain many fortunes from my creative new slogan, so gimme 10% for, wait for it, (you read it here first and drum roll please)…

    “Come to Beautiful, Mosquitoless Bright”.

    Now doesn’t that just roll off the tongue?

  4. No it doesn’t, JR, but one of the reasons Bright is so popular with tourists – apart from the sheer beauty – is the cool summer nights. What makes them even more enjoyable is the lack of mozzies but no, I don’t think your slogan will catch on.

  5. Tongue in cheek, Ray, but nice to see it appears you at least were sucked in. Now I know why more people voted for the goat. 😉

    Oh shit, what am I saying? There goes my pot of gold.

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