Notes from a Saturday

Today started poorly. Somewhere in the early hours, I sat my Powerbook on a pile of items I assumed would be reasonably steady and left it there, only to hear it crash onto the floor boards seconds after turning my back. I hoped for the best, seeing as this laptop had already survived its fair share of gravity related incidents, but this time my luck has run out, my Mac is all kinds of dead.

Fortunately I’d taken a complete backup of my Mac yesterday afternoon, so nothing has been lost. However, the only portable Mac left in the house is Mrsdave’s circa 2000 iBook, so it’s ghetto computing for me for a while.

A few things that cheered me up this morning though, firstly was an observation made by Mrsdave while we were stopped at an intersection. She doesn’t think that an organ donation bumper sticker is an appropriate adornment for a driving instructor’s car, I tend to agree.

On our return  home, again stopped at traffic lights, we saw the passenger in the car beside us leap out and place a pair of these novelty magnetic bumper stickers on the car in front of him.



Now I can’t verify whether the driver of that car does love porn, or masturbate, but at least until he gets off the freeway, that’s the message he’ll be sharing with fellow motorists.

Finally, our local paper, The Border Mail, has delivered to us the news that  Guns n’ Roses is more popular than spelling here on the border, with the birth notices including an Axel and an Axle (I’m ruling out the possibility that Axle’s parents are automotive enthusiasts)

On balance, it’s been a good Saturday.

7 thoughts on “Notes from a Saturday

  1. Dave, my condolences. Is it just the disk? SATA notebook drives are cheap these days.

    I too had to find myself a new laptop the other day. As much as I desperately wanted a Mac, $998 with 4Gb ram and a 2 year warranty wins every time. Installing a legal copy of OS X is a long term project, for now I’m just happy to have Ubuntu up and running.

  2. I hoped it was just the hard drive, but the CD drive isn’t detected in open firmware at all, so I suspect that there’s a bit more that’s gone wrong.

    Ironically, I bought this PowerBook after Buster Boy knocked my first one off of the very same bedside table.

  3. Geez, Dave, last year my camera, now your PowerBook. I know how ya feel, buddy. Condolences are indeed in order.

  4. Oh, and Dave, if you need Firewire, get a move on re a replacement as those stuck-up bastards @ Cupertino are beginning to phase it out.

  5. Dave – I went to school with one of the parents of young Axle. I feel ashamed by that mere association – I hope the kid can handle things better. Especially if Axle Whitehead’s shenanigans ever enter the realm of permanent legend.

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