This is what I love about Summer.

I just walked outside to put some stuff in the recycling bin and Summer hit me. 

So now I’m sitting here on the deck (I know I should have mentioned that it was finished, but I hate to gloat) with a beer and my laptop, completely consumed by how fantastic this time of year can be.

It’s 33°C and there’s a breeze coming in from the west that can’t decide if it’s blowing hot or cold. It’s dry too, no hint of humidity here, although truth be told there’s a special sensuality about humid days that I learnt to love during my teenage years, when we’d spend weeks at a time in Yamba on the NSW North Coast. 

It’s been a very mild Summer by Albury standards, the last few days are the first to regularly stray into the mid 30s, so it hasn’t really felt like Summer; that really changed today. Working in the converted colorbond garage that I fondly refer to as ‘The Hut’ today, the portable evaporative cooler had no chance at all of beating back the heat. I cursed the heat.

But all is forgiven, evenings like this are why I love Summer, and the long twilight that we get this far south simply makes me love it more. Summer may be a cruel mistress but I am completely in her thrall.

The deck

14 thoughts on “This is what I love about Summer.

  1. Nice deck. Nice beer. Nice laptop, even.

    But what about the mozzies you were complaining about oh so bitterly not so long ago?

  2. A few rolls of instant turf would fix that pretty quickly, Dave. but JR’s right about the watering. Unless you’re ‘lucky’ enough to live in Bright where there are NO WATER RESTRICTIONS this year, it’ll just die off. Gravel or mulch is a good look though, it’s better than a dust bowl.

  3. I’ve seen your handy work around the house before (the stained doors for example) – it looks far too competant to be your work alone. You didn’t even give Father and Brother of Mrs Dave a slab of Beer for their work?

  4. Lisa did the doors. Bruno helped me to put the joists up, but that was all that was required. As for my brother-in-law, he’s far too busy entertaining his girlfriend these days, no time for DIY.

  5. I just noticed, Dave, that the decking appears to be Merbau, which is a timber they get from the rainforests in Asia. How does that sit with your views on climate change and the environment? Less rainforests!

  6. Looks like Merbau, Dave, but OK, ‘Spotted Gum’ it is. I suppose it’s better to deforest Australia than Asia – those old-growth forests are just a bloody nuisance. I prefer Cypress Pine these days, a more ecologically sound choice (although I admit to using Merbau on the decking for the units!)

  7. Quote: “As for my brother-in-law, he’s far too busy entertaining his girlfriend these days, no time for DIY.” End Quote

    So what did he buy the girlfriend that’s so entertaining? 😉 Just asking, Dave. 🙂

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