I don’t believe in computers.

So my Powerbook died last Saturday. I was lucky enough to have a backup of my data and a recently acquired second hand Mac to keep me going. Then today that Mac also started exhibiting some nasty behaviour.


Now I don’t think that this second machine is beyond the point of redemption, however the DVD that I’d normally try to boot off to attempt to repair the software is, of course, stuck in the slot loading DVD drive of the dead Powerbook.

This leaves me now using Mrsdave’s 2000 vintage iBook as my only available computer, but as these things come in threes I’m guessing it now has an expected life-span of about 72 hours.

I hate computers.

3 thoughts on “I don’t believe in computers.

  1. Mate – is that the modern day equivalent to the ‘sad mac’ picture you got when an old school mac died?

  2. Al, that’s probably the best analogy for it, yes.

    After more tinkering, and taking my Powerbook to pieces to retrieve my install DVD, it seems like it’s just the hard drive that’s died, so I’ll try replacing that to see if I can get up and going again.

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