Keith hands it to Howard

I really like Keith Olbermann. I’d seen a few of his special comments regarding George Bush floating around the tubes, but didn’t start regularly watching him until lasty year’s US election. This week when news broke that the Bush’s were using a visit by John Howard as a reason to deny Barack Obama’s request to move into Blair House the US media turned on the ‘Man of Steel’, and Keith was no exception.

Here’s Keith.

Update The WordPress editor is screwing with the link, you’ll have to go and watch it here.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I particularly like his last minute dig as the interview is ending.

Sadly for Howard, it’s not just lefties like Olbermann who are on his case. He’s being widely condemned in the media and it seems that the feeling on the street isn’t particularly receptive either.

Poor Johnny, I guess he’d better enjoy this trip as he’s unlikely to be in much demand in future.

7 thoughts on “Keith hands it to Howard

  1. John Howard is an international embarassment. Not only should he NOT be staying in the White House, he shouldn’t even be accepting this ‘last act of bastardry’ medal for the worst President the US has ever had (yes, George W Bush is worse than Nixon). I’d suggest Howard just retires gracefully and stays out of the spotlight, but I’d be about ten years late with that idea.

  2. Agreed, Ray. “Little Johnny” on every other visit to the US (to the best of my knowledge) stayed in hotels. So now, all of a sudden, he needs to stay @ Blair House. WTF?

  3. This was just another example of Howard helping out his friend George. Bush wanted one last Fuck You on his way out, and Howard willingly played his role. The Howards weren’t scheduled to stay at Blair House until after Bush had denied Obama’s request to use it.

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