Sub-editing Fail

Fairfax are so desperate to reach out to Gen-Y with their third rate youth news site, the vine, that they have seemingly abandoned spelling and grammar.

Seriously, hire some damn sub-editors. When you start presenting yourself as a proper news organisation, perhaps people will begin to take you seriously again.

Update: More English craziness today.


12 thoughts on “Sub-editing Fail

  1. When it comes to subbing, should Gen Y take a hyphen if it is not used adjectivally? And by the same token, presumably third-rate needs a hyphen…
    @Ray: Your should be You’re – as in: “if you are like me…”
    Little things, but they keep us pedants very happy!

  2. Folks, it’s too bloody late. The education system has been patting students on the head and encouraging them to spell it as they think it sounds for far too long. Uni graduates are now guilty too and there’s no hope left in sight any time soon.

    just look at how often “to” is used instead of “too”, “strait” as “straight” etc, and now “your” instead of “You’re”, aaaaaaaggggghhhhh!

    Reminds of one academically qualified graduate who, when accused of abusing the lingo, replied, “JR, I’ll use the English language any way I see fit!” Too late and too sad.

  3. My personal hate, jr, is “should of”, “could of”, “would of”. Grrrr.

    And this evening on the train home, I heard a girl behind me saying things like “somethink”, instead of “somethinG”.

    Gives me the screaming shits. As does this bloody heat.

  4. Thanks for that, Jonathan but I do understand the difference between “your” and “you’re”. I was using irony, which is a flat and hot metal object used to press the wrinkles out of shirts, only with a “y” added … in case you didn’t know!

  5. Shit, here I was, thinking irony was something that went with a cold chisel. Maybe it’s this bloody air conditioning.

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