5 thoughts on “There are ants all over my desk

  1. Nice to see you broadening your horizons, Dave. I mean s**t, aint it amazing what a new day will bring?

    Actually, I’m waiting for the blog where you discover ants in your pants. Go get’m killer!

  2. I used to find Preen Spray-on Starch was good (seriously). You spray it across the ant trail and no other ant will cross it for months.

    Improvisation from my student days, one day I ran out of insecticide and didn’t have any other aerosols to hand.

  3. I wonder if it’s something in the aerosol or the starch that they object to? Time for some experimentation I think. I wonder what Mrsdave’s response will be when I take a saucepan with just boiled spuds out the back to pour our the water near the ant trails?

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