Bogans angry as Monster Trucks suck

From the Dave from ALbury Compound we could hear the Monster Truck engines and the fireworks on Saturday night. Mrsdave thought it odd that the fireworks went off before it got dark and it seems that the patrons agreed.

My favourite quote from the article;

“When they did come on, Scooby Doo ended up wrecked and Batman caught on fire.”

So sad that I missed it.

5 thoughts on “Bogans angry as Monster Trucks suck

  1. Would it shock you if I admitted I didn’t remember last year?

    Acording to the article there were 1800 people there, which is a fair crowd. I’m amazed that one family drove up from Geelong to see it though, that’s serious commitment to burning hydrocarbons.

  2. The Scooby Doo truck was indeed damaged, but was so on the final jump of the night and Batman caught fire at the end of its performance too, in fact as it was pulling into the pits area, so it wasn’t like the show was ended early.

    Hey well at least we have the internets to be able to criticise something we have never seen eh?

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