What a shitty day

If you think that today’s heat wave is something to bitch about, shut your mouth. Spare a thought instead for the four year old girl who died after being thrown from the Westgate bridge by her father. Or if infanticide doesn’t grab you, how about you spend a moment wondering how on earth a thirteen year old girl sexually assaulted by seven teenage boys will ever be able to have a relationship even vaguely approaching normality.

How on earth do we deal with people who are so absolutely broken?

9 thoughts on “What a shitty day

  1. The guy who threw his own daughter off West Gate Bridge must be absolutley cracked. Geezus, the other kids were in the car, watching. Is it the heat, did he just lose it? Well, we all ‘lose it’ now and then but most of us don’t throw 4 yos off a 60 metre bridge to certain death.

  2. It took his action of killing his own daughter to finally lock this very sick individual into protective custody. How long before yesterday’s tragedy were the warning signs evident?

    And don’t give me this crap about the government acting on this, authorities acting on that. The community this twisted individual lived in must surely take some of the blame? Individuals MUST have witnessed signs that this guy was running on empty?

  3. Ray, ‘The Hut’ (Shed is too common, villa too ostentatious) is not a particularly pleasant place to be at the moment, but it is bearable. The roof and walls are all insulated, not enough to keep all the heat out.

    That said, I spent a bit of time today in the car port repairing the fan for the air con in Mrsdave’s car. The hut is paradise by comparison to hovering under the dashboard of a car.

    JR, I don’t even know where to begin with the westgate tragedy. I look at Buster Boy and the Troll Princess and wonder how anyone could do such a thing to their child, but at the same time I wonder what pushed this man to such a place. He will no doubt do a lot of time in a mental institute somewhere, but I don’t think that the legal system can punish him as much as he will punish himself.

  4. Wise words, Dave. This defenceless life is gone, never to be recovered. Punishment will do even less to this sick person. What we need to do is focus on how we can possibly avoid such a tragic loss in future.

    I know just how you feel when you look at Buster Boy and Troll Princess.

    My heart goes out to those that knew this little girl, the shattered lives that will need to take one day at a time and hopefully go on.

  5. Dave, no matter how long you live, you will continue to be stunned by the inhumanity of the individual. It is there! individuals will lose it and perpetrate these heinous acts.

    What we fail to recognise, as a society, is that these ‘events’ could be prevented by simply caring for your fellow man. How ofter, after the event, fo you hear that the individual has been acting strangely, etc. The people around this man undoubtedly knew of his weaknesses and still it happened. Will they learn from this – who knows.

    JR goes on about the ‘Me’ generation with good cause. I don’t know that there will ever be an answer. The best to come out of it is stopping you (or me) in your tracks and applying it to Buster and The Troll Princess to make us appreciate the magic of good relationships.

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