Money for insulation

I think the idea of the government paying for residential homes to have better insulation is a great one. The benefit is broadly received, both by the home owners and the local contractors who do the work. Much better than simply filling the coffers of one or giant construction firms.

5 thoughts on “Money for insulation

  1. It seems a bit open-ended though, Dave. I’m not sure what the criterion is. Does it only apply to houses presently without insulation and, if so, how will the Govt determine that? What’s to stop someone using this to simply upgrade their existing insulation?

    Also, I understand that it’s in lieu of the (now increased) solar hot water rebate. You can only apply for one grant, not both.

  2. Ray, most of the recently announced spending seems to use existing means tests as a way of keeping things simple. Family Tax Benefit thresholds seem to be their preferred way of deciding who gets what.

    If people do use it to upgrade insulation it’s still a good idea as the energy efficiency is improved and the economic benefit felt. I’d wager there will be an average house size determined, which may mean that people with very large houses may need to make a contribution, or leave the laundry as it is.

  3. They’ve removed the means testing from the solar hot water rebate, Dave, so I think you’ll find there’s no means test on the insulation either. I still think this insulation thing could get out of hand and be abused by people claiming it’s for their homes when, in truth, it’s for their investment properties, and their homes are already insulated. How would the Govt know who is insulated and who isn’t?

    I guess the same could be said for the solar hot water rebate but I actually believe that’s a much better scheme and should have been doubled instead of semi-replaced with the insulation scheme.

    Converting to solar hot water will definitely reduce the power taken from the national grid AND save on electricity bills, whereas I’ll guarantee you that a lot of the people who get the free insulation will use the saving (plus the $950 handout) to buy an air-conditioner! Which kind of defeats one of the purposes.

    Maybe they should be giving rebates for installing swimming pools?

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