Grandstanding Scumbags

Pastor Danny Nalliah took the day off from indulging in religious vilification to instead sheet home the blame for last weekend’s tragic bushfires to Victoria’s decriminalisation of abortion.

Catch the Fire Ministries (CTFM) leader Pastor Danny Nalliah said he would spearhead an effort to provide every assistance to devastated communities, although he was not surprised by the bush fires due to a dream he had last October relating to consequences of the abortion laws passed in Victoria.

He said these bushfires have come as a result of the incendiary abortion laws which decimate life in the womb.

I just do not know what to say. This man disgusts me. Thank god that we have secular organisations like the Red Cross to step in and help people in need rather than using tragedy as an opportunity to further a regressive political agenda.

Danny Nalliah, you are not a christian, and your foul attitude marks you as barely making the grade as a functional human being.

25 thoughts on “Grandstanding Scumbags

  1. Yep, that’s the god i want to have – one that will seek vengeance for passing a law that allegedly kills children, by, you know, burning children to death..

  2. The Word of God entered my mind as I read this and thus the words said Danny Nalliah is a pious, lying, sack of useless shyte that ought to lower his trousers for the turning of the other cheek as it gets kicked 20 shades of blue.

  3. That absolute… can I say really bad words here? I want to let loose with a spray of invective and spittle, preferably directed into Nalliah’s face.

    I thought the whole point of the New Testamant was to unveil New God, the caring sharing SNAG version.

    And on other matters – thank you Dave for your twitter updates on the local fires. Most of the media I read is ignoring Koetong and Gundowring in favour of Healesville (hey – according to the HS, Healesville is “North-East Victoria”. By that scale, Koetong must be Outer Mongolia at least)

    yeah, sorry, sidetracked by irrelevancies. Thank you for the brief bits of twitter about the Koetong fire, and if you’ve got any other sort of update, there’s a girl down here in Melbourne who’d really appreciate it.

  4. 100 Flowers, make sure you’re following @774melbourne. Koetong are still on alert, I think that will remain the case for some time considering the density of the nearby plantations and forests.

    On the up side, today is still much cooler than the preceding week and the breeze is low, much better conditions for the fire fighters. Also, I have no doubt that everyone in a fire area will be busy preparing or leaving in light of the weekend’s tragic events.

  5. Why isn’t everyone heaping invective on them via their blog? Even if you are moderated away at least it anoys the bastards …

  6. This is the kind of raving religious ratbag that drives people away from organised religion, even if they are believers.

    Why is he not as much of a political pariah as Brian Burke?

    The ALP should bash the Libs with this creep every time they can.

  7. My comments to the ‘catch the bullshit’ ministries will never make it past moderation, but here ’tis.

    “Anja Feb 10th, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    I never thought that Christianity could sicken me any more than it has today. These fires have nothing to do with your mythical deity, and to suggest so shows me what loathsome creatures you are.

    These fires are due to a combination of severe weather conditions and in some cases arson. So, God’s the world’s biggest arsonist, is he? Well, there’s a perfect reason to abandon any faith in a murderous deity.

    The name of your ministry is quite ironic. I hope you do ‘catch it’ and it destroys your heinous ideology.

    Yours in reality…”

  8. Please don’t read this as a defence of the tool Reuban so eloquently (and from all accounts, accurately) described as ‘a fucktard’.

    I can only assume that the Pastor’s comments were made to insinuate that ‘they’ deserved it, which is despicable and can never be rationalised, but who is the ‘they’? Surely it can’t be the victims merely because they are Victorians because so is he. Therefore he must mean the state legislative, in which case he is flinging accusation of death and destruction as we all did against Bush/Cheney. Furthermore, is he just not enunciating what any firm believer of the Old Testament truly accepts; that God is vengeful? And if so, who are we to determine when god is or isn’t acting?

    I agree entirely that this is not a time for politics, even Americans waited 5 days before politicising Katrina and much longer before the then opposition scored points off a war, but is it ever the time to set aside your religious beliefs?

    As the smoke continues to rise, we shall pray to god for his salvation and that he guide our ‘heroes’ through the blaze to safety; and when the last ember dies, we shall pray that he restore our communities and give the injured good health and we shall give thanks that things did not get so much worse. Tell me, when is it a good time to bring the Lord’s word into the debate?

  9. I think that Pastor Danny has just about fucked up any chance of influencing the Liberal Party after this. I emailed Costello’s office and recieved the following from a staffer.

    “To link the death and the suffering of bushfire victims to other political events is appalling, heartless and wrong. Those who have suffered deserve every support and sympathy. It is beyond the bounds of decency to try to make moral or political points out of such a tragedy.” Peter Costello

    That same quote is running in the traditional media too, Nalliah’s extremism is in full view now and I expect that he will be treated like a pariah.

  10. …and a further point: By all means criticise, but at least get the facts right otherwise we may begin to sound like those that Mrs Dave has so valiantly rallied against.

    Fucktard was not saying that God did this, he was saying that God withdrew his protection which has enabled the Devil to reek havoc; that is, arsonist were acting under the devils guidance, not the big G’s

    Fucktard also put his money were his mouth is – he did make a prediction before the event (although he couldn’t have chosen a worse time to say ‘I told you so’).

    I guess what I’m having trouble with here is, if you accept that there is a god as described in the scriptures; the one that brought the great flood that covered the earth, that burnt down a city, punished all of mankind at Babel, and closed a recently parted sea over what may have been thousands of soldiers whom were just following orders; then surely been forsaken can’t be beyond the realms of possibility. Of course, we could all choose to be New Testament Christians (it does seem easier to decide just to ignore half the good book rather than live according to the rules of the Old, except, maybe, the 10 commandments, we’re happy to accept them, just not those pesky rules about what we can eat and when (hang about, we do that in lent, don’t we? Maybe we’ll just ignore them for some of the time). So anyway, we are all New Testament Christians and are happy to pass judgement on those that still accept the Old Testament. That’s cool.

    But then we don’t do that entirely either, do we. If we argue that a bush fire is clearly not an act of god, and that it is a combination of severe environmental factors, then why do we thank the Lord for his blessings or pray for the health of our children? Surely he would not choose to involve himself in that when he is not saving others.

    I guess that is what I disagree with most about organised religion; it’s the picking and choosing what to believe to suit your own agenda and what exceptions you are prepared to tolerate.

    As can be clearly seen, I’m not a believer. All my family are, and so are most of my friends, many of whom have been patient and generous when sharing their beliefs and fielding my questions. But no matter what questions get answered or how long we share are thoughts, it always comes back to this: it is a leap of faith. So if we are prepared to ‘leap’, then how can there be boundaries? If I accept that the intangible god exists, then why should I not accept that miracles occur or that severe and savage signs are given? Why did we all respond so angrily to Fucktard?

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