Unexpected visit

We awoke this morning at the Dave from Albury Compound to the sound of our fearless protector, Snert the Kelpie, barking in the back yard. As our long suffering neighbours would no doubt confirm, this is nothing new, but what was new was the object of his ire.

This morning, rather than attempting to harass birds or cats, neither of which are particularly perturbed by Snert’s outrage, our beloved mutt was fixated with a completely new intruder in our backyard.


I asked him for some insight into the whether Newspoll’s preferred PM figures had any relationship to the consumer confidence indicators, but he ignored me.

11 thoughts on “Unexpected visit

  1. I reckon this is just a decoy, Dave. What trouble did Buster Boy get up to, after hours in the big smoke. Musta been something when you’ve got to use a possum as a smoke screen.

  2. I’m with you jr – I’ve been waiting patiently to hear about Buster Boy’s big adventure, but alas… nothing. What did you two get up to in the big smoke? I want to hear the heart warming adventures of a 5 year old, a plane, Hyde Park and a back-packers hostel… Possum Smossum!

  3. Snert! What a fantastic kelpie name. Fud, our resident kelpie, is currently cowering under the dining table hiding from the thunder.

  4. Well, Bron, that might be so, but i’d like to introduce you to my newly enlisted mutt. Introducing (drum roll please), Flash!

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