Danny Nalliah’s god kills more people

Not content with laying the death and destruction of February 7 at the feet of an angry god, Pastor Danny’s friends and colleagues have been looking at his ‘dream’ from last year, following the changes to Victoria’s abortion laws, to see if they can find any further signs. Turns out that Danny doesn’t just dream about the future, he receives clarification about the past.
The following popped up in my RSS reader earlier, though the article seems to have been pulled from CTFM’s blog and it’s now on their blog.


So the selfless actions of Brendan Keilar and Paul de Waard, and Keilar’s tragic death, have just become another ‘act of god’ for the self righteous to use in whatever their cause ‘de jour’ is this week have they?

Has the Christian faith fallen victim to the worst ever recorded case of Chinese whispers? Something’s going wrong, because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of love or tolerance flowing from these people. Also, it may horrify Peter, but his professed Lord and Saviour spent a lot of time with prostitutes and others deemed morally bankrupt by the society they lived in. Alternatively, he took whips to those in the temple who were “Helping to take the Kingdom of God into the Marketplace.”

Pharisees the lot of you.

14 thoughts on “Danny Nalliah’s god kills more people

  1. On the subject of ‘bible bashing’, Dave, there was a ‘Dave from Albury’ speaking at length on ABC Local Radio this morning to Joseph Thomsen, on the Drivetrain issue. This “Dave’ was some kind of expert on gear boxes – knew it inside out.

    Waz dat U buy any chanz?

  2. Where is the public outrage about this bastard and all in public life with links to him. What a sick piece of shit.

  3. It’s the double standard that no-one in the traditional media will point out Wah.

    I think that these pseudo christian churches pose a much greater threat to us than any wayward mosque, for the simple reason that they seem to be able to weasel themselves into positions of influence. Look at CTFM and Peter Costello, Hillsong, the Exclusive Brethren, all groups who hold positions that do not fit with mainstream Australia if you take the time to look past the gloss.


  4. First things first. I do not for one minute support this nalliah the pariah. That guy really has a problem with getting his mouth and what passes for his brain synchronized.

    Problem is, he reads the bible. BIG problem, not just for him, but a lot of people, for his BS can be substantiated in that book as it explains how god does get pretty ruthless at times and consequently wreaks wrath on all except nalliah and his ilk.

    Why can’t the world wake up to the fact that religion is man made?

  5. I’ll vouch that Dave is brilliant in destroying gearboxes (particularly 6 month old Nissan Pulsar’s that his mates own), but – even though (or maybe because) his family owned a car dealership – would have no idea on how to fix one.

  6. Geez, Dave, Alex is pointing the finger in your direction. Are you sitting there with a knowing smirk on your face, or are you crying with disbelief!

    If the latter, I hope your coffee doesn’t end up too salty.

  7. It should be made clear, for the sake of parity, that the Pastor never said God did these terrible things. All he said was that God has withdrawn his protection which has allowed the devil to run amuck unchecked. If we want the big G’s protection, then we must earn it by following his word. The Pastor never said that God killed Keiler or that he was acting un-christian like. It was the devil that killed him as Keilar was not strong enough to stand up to the devil without God’s help.

    The Pastor’s position is simple – If we reject God, then what right do we have to his protection?

    That aside, if a society is prepared to thank God for all that is good and seek that he bless our country and keep us safe, then why can’t we also blame him for bad stuff too. Is it not a valid argument that a god that has the ability to help us or bless us at his discretion is been negligent in not helping all of the time – I mean, what is the use of been omnipotent? Is it not cruel to help one drowning man and then row back to shore whilst his mate sinks to the bottom? To paraphrase another brother – why is he so unkind?

    If God acts in mysterious ways and everyone admits that they do not have all the answers, then how can you criticise any one for interpreting what may or may not be an act of God?

    When the tragedy on the streets of Melbourne occurred, did any of us ask ‘why did God let this happen?’ I’m guessing not. The pastor; however, whose job it is to provide Gods message to his congregation, did. It is not a silly question to ask when, had the wound not been fatal, Keiler may well have said ‘thank God I’m alive’.

  8. Lee, what I object to is this ad hoc interpretation of events. In this case we have a third party interpreting the published version of Nalliah’s dream, and using it to tie a tragic death to a political action he disagrees with.

    It doesn’t matter if these people want to worship a christian god or the flying spaghetti monster, their willingness to use tragedy as some sort of evidence for their moral position is completely inappropriate.

  9. I couldn’t agree more. Though I take it then that you are not an old testament type.

    However, I dare say that most references to God seek to tie religion to most events, including those of a political or tragic nature. It is just socially acceptable to do it for good things.

    The whole premise of the Christian religion is based upon taking advantage of a tragedy, whether it be of Cecil B DeMille proportions, such as warnings about hell and fallen angels, or more festive, such as the story of the other two dudes on the cross. Either way, the religion seeks to strengthen its following by saying ‘if you don’t follow, tragedy will ensue’.

    What really shits me is when politicians argue that God is on their side, but when they lose, they rarely go of in to the night quietly. If John McCain thought that God could play a hand in the election, and therefore that God voted for Obama, then why isn’t John Boy trying to convert others to the Church of Barack?

    The point that I am trying to make is that it seems, to me, a little hypocritical to argue that God saved me, but then criticise someone who makes the same statement in relation to a different outcome. If God can play a part, then God can play both parts.

    But back to what you said, I agree in that it shits me too, but that sort of moral argument is widespread and many are complicit, particularly in a political sense. Whenever there is a mass shooting, there is an argument raised for or against guns. When children are thrown overboard, there is a call for stricter immigration. When a father throws their child of a bridge, there is a call for greater causes addressing these issues. Diseases only get serious consideration when celebrities or rich white people get them. Hospitals only get widespread audiences for their woes when a child dies in a bathroom waiting for a doctor. Tragedies are used all the time to progress some agenda; why should this church be judged any differently?

  10. I take it then that you are not an old testament type.
    Strictly speaking, Christians shouldn’t be Old Testament types at all, they’re by definition supposed to be followers of Christ. This is especially so when Old Testament writings are in conflict with the Gospel, the whole point of Christianity is to turn the page on the Old Testament and for mankind to enter into a new relationship with God.

    If God can play a part, then God can play both parts.
    Sure, I’m not offended by the idea of God’s hand in tragedy, I’m offended by people claiming God allowed certain tragedies to occur specifically because of an unrelated event which they dislike.

    If Churches want to use tragedy as a reason for people to seek solace in religion, that’s fine, but that is not what is happening here. What we see here is an organisation looking to progress a political viewpoint through the use of religion and tragedy, which to me is very different.

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