Duty of care.

Mrsdave is presently out at a Preschool meeting, leaving Buster Boy and the Troll Princess in my care. In addition to this, another friend of ours has left her two children here this evening as she too has a meeting at another Preschool meeting. As a thankyou for watching her kids our friend bought me over a six pack of Boags.

My question is, does she think I need six beers under my belt to manage child minding, or am I supposed to drink them later?

6 thoughts on “Duty of care.

  1. What else was she to get you?
    Box of chocolates, Bunch of flowers. Hmm that may be construed the wrong way too.

    Better off not giving you presents.

  2. I loved the present, please don’t think I was ungrateful for it, but I wonder whether it would be best presented after you’ve retrieved your children safe and sound?

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