Shit-storm shit-storm

It’s really funny watching some of our august media institutions gleefully reporting Kevin Rudd’s slip-up on TV last night. The mock horror expressed at our Prime Minister’s mild spot of swearing by the hosts of the program and the media is a good example how out of touch they are with their audience.

If anything I think that this ‘incident’ will connect people to Rudd the same way the story of his trip to Scores strip club in New York did. Seeing the PM speak with some disdain about the political ramifications of his actions was refreshing. It also does a great job of defusing the criticism from the opposition for a little while, as Rudd’s comment will resonate with people much better than some lofty denouncement .

I think that Kevin Rudd has led a fairly charmed life, when it comes to his relationship to the general populace, and this is just another example of that. While hearing Paul Keating or Jeff Kennett swearing simply confirmed that they were a pair of nasty bastards, hearing Rudd swear confirms him as ‘one of us’, it breaks through the autocratic facade that he normally presents.

Perhaps Malcolm Turnbull should give up using Kev’s wife as an attack vector and instead try to top the PM by dropping an F-Bomb? Couldn’t do any worse.

10 thoughts on “Shit-storm shit-storm

  1. I couldn’t agree more, Dave. Besides, “shit”? That’s nothing these days, compared to what you read on, say, Club Wah!

  2. The difference here cj is that the clip has run on pretty much every news bulletin and site, that’s very different to being stuck in the middle of some op-ed piece that people usually ignore on the way to the sports pages.

  3. There have been a lot of ‘horrified’ callers on ABC talkback radio today. It was nothing though, and I think it shows you how little the Ruddhaters really have to pick on.

  4. I just read that a CFA fire-captain has been dismissed for saying “fuck!” on a two-way radio during the height of the fires on 7 February. If he’d said “shit!” he’d probably still have his job because, like, who gives a shit about that? But it seems the “f” word is still off limits in public life.

  5. Hiya Ray, I’m a bit on the fence with regards to this CFA sacking. At first I was up in arms about how dare they discriminate against anyone for saying ‘fuck’. But the Herald Sun has enlightened me that CFA bosses reckon there is a string of ‘bullying’ behavior from the bloke and they are liable if they do nothing. Who knows what the truth really is.

    I got hauled into the bosses office once and told off for swearing, apparently someone complained about me when I was doing their department a favour trying to fix their computers for them. I must admit a fair bit of cursing went on and it wasn’t exactly under my breath.

    That was the first time I used Maggie Thatcher’s line “who said that and what did they say?”. Boss refused to tell me citing confidentiality.

    So I thought back to who was in the lab at that time and went and apologised to them, and it was all good!

    Stupid managers – how could I fix it if they wouldn’t tell me who had the problem?

    Maybe the CFA guy should issue an apologetic press release and get his job back.

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