8 thoughts on “Red Ring of Death

  1. …and all was as it should be in the Dave from Albury Compound that Saturday night. Here ends the lesson.

  2. Ray, the red ring of death means Dave’s x-box has just become a very expensive and useless paperweight

    was this the early model of x-box dave or a newer one? the older ones had shocking failure rates

  3. well thats a relief

    so wait, you have two xboxes in the one house? i would have once thought that sounded like heaven, but i dated a WoW addict and actually miss that old fashioned human interaction with words and stuff

    sez the guy on the net, bah

  4. Mrsdave has an almost unquenchable thirst for first person shooters which she only discovered after I bought a copy of Battlefield:Bad Company. This led to evenings of frustration as we attempted to ‘take turns’ and tried not to offer advice while the other person was playing. On top of all that she is a weirdo who inverts the Y axis on her controls.

    In order to avoid any further matrimonial discord a second xbox and another live subscription were purchased.

    We have both consoles in the same room and we’re usually playing together, so we hit our words and stuff quota, although a lot of those words tend to be along the lines of “F*#@ing Noobs! What the hell are they doing? Is there anyone on this team even remotely competent” to which I answer “yes dear”.

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