Suspension of disbelief

Ok, I realise that I’m watching a movie about a Chinese mummy bought back to life, but when the Yetis showed up I had trouble taking the movie seriously.

Mrsdave often gets frustrated with me when an event in a fantasy movie starts me ranting, but all I ask is that these things are internally consistent.

Update: OK, now there’s a three headed dragon. WTF?

11 thoughts on “Suspension of disbelief

  1. Hmm, posted at 2.54 pm, I see, Dave. So you’re watching a ‘crap movie’ while you could be watching the ‘Sound Relief’ concerts live from the MCG & the SCG on Channels ‘V’ & ‘Max’ … if only you hadn’t been such a tight-wad and refused to get Austar.

    It’s a great show(s), btw. Cheers.

  2. Austar? There’s a global financial crisis afoot man! It’s not tight, it’s frugal.

    Speaking of frugal, I bought myself a pair of Dunlop Volleys today, and though this may be heresy, I think that they’re actually more comfortable than my Converse Chuck Taylors. Pretty impressive for a sub $30 pair of shoes.

  3. That’s another $1 for Sue Morphet.

    Yeah, I tried Dunlop Volleys for a while in my never ending search to find practical summer footwear and they were good … for about 3 weeks when they started to stink like all hell. Hard to keep clean too.

    Well, back to the dual concert watching for me. Gotta tell you that Farnham’s performance with Coldplay was something else. He blew the (very young) crowd away. Looking forward to seeing Garrett and the Olis later tonight. Enjoy the movies.

  4. I’m not sure that I understand Ray’s confusion, but there are a few simple rules.

    An @ sign generally precedes a username, so it’s a reply to that person, eg @davefromalbury

    A hash tag #hashtag is a way of categorising what you are tweeting about, eg #soundrelief was a popular one on the weekend.


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