Missing in action

One of the standing jokes about twitter is the only people who use it are self declared twitter experts trying to sell people on their web 2.0/social media skills. While that isn’t the case, twitter is being invaded en masse by people in communications fields desperate to be in on the ground floor of the next big thing. Today was a big day in the Australian twitterverse as the person behind the fake Stephen Conroy profile outed himself and it was revealed that he was a Telstra employee.

How did Crikey’s blogger charged with covering “politics, PR and Web 2.0” choose to react to this story, which neatly tied together all of his fields of interest? He didn’t.

The Sydney Morning Herald covered the story, Telstra quickly made a statement on their Now We Are Talking site, and it was a big topic of discussion all day on twitter, but all Crikey’s blogger could string together today were two reposted stories from ABC news online unrelated to this story.

Undoubtedly Crikey will have plenty of good goss in tomorrow’s subscriber email, Fake Stephen Conroy has written for Crikey previously, as have some of his associates, but to let a story like this slip by without a mention on the public site, when you have a blog dedicated to this topic, is hardly a way to impress potential subscribers.

5 thoughts on “Missing in action

  1. Maybe, outside the ‘Twitterverse’, this is just not a big story? It didn’t raise a pimple on my radar and, even hearing about it now from you Dave, it doesn’t register a murmur on my ‘Richter Scale’ of public interest.

  2. Then again, I’m not a Crikey follower either. Any website that requires you to subscribe in order to read its ‘ground-breaking’ stories is bound to be as boring as all hell.

  3. If you look past the twitter angle and just look at the fact that an employee of Telstra has been lampooning the communications minister for a few months in a public medium, then I think it is a big story.

    Imagine if he had been writing a widely read blog with content along the same lines as his tweets, would it be a story then?

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