New and shiny

A few months ago I carelessly sat my PowerBook G4 on a pile of stuff from where it fell to the floor and ceased to operate. Since then I’ve been ghetto computing, hopping from Mrsdave’s old iBook, to a five year old PC laptop and my little sister’s old Mac Mini. To say it has been a frustrating experience would be an understatement. This week MrsDave took pity on me and allowed me to plunder our savings so that I could get myself a new Mac.
I was surprised at the size of the box that the courier dropped off, previous Apple laptops having had a lot more packaging. I was surprised even more when I opened the box and saw that the actual laptop box was smaller again.


The thought that goes into packaging Apple products is amazing, it’s something that other manufacturers should take more time with.


I love the keyboard on this laptop, it reminds me of the Apple IIc that I spent hours using at school.


Apple stickers.


A sense of nerd completeness.


Update: These next photos are more ‘porn’ for Scott.

Accessories have arrived today. A Foofbag MacBook case and two cable turtles.



And check out those ports. Mmmm, FireWire 400, there are so many peripherals that will plug in there.


33 thoughts on “New and shiny

  1. I get it, Dave. Twitter is now your ‘voice of choice’ and this website is only for updating us on the other side of your life – geekdom.

    (How were the scotch fillets, btw? A bit fatty aren’t they?)

  2. “And check out those ports. Mmmm, FireWire 400, there are so many peripherals that will plug in there.”

    Fuck you, Dave. Fuck you to hell.

  3. You know what I really like to do Scott? I like to daisy-chain all of my FireWire stuff together and plug them in all at once so they can just spray their data all over the place.

  4. according to the pope the red sheath covering your mac will increase it’s risk of getting AIDS. Be very careful.

  5. What happened to the Macbook Pro or Powerbook or whatever they are called? You know what I’m talking about – the silver one.

  6. QUOTE: I’m too tight to to pony up for the new Aluminium MacBook or MacBook Pro

    Me too Dave. Best choice, that plastic fantastic. What’s with those pricks @ Cupertino asking for an extra $500 for the block of alluminium? And then removing fire wire as well.

  7. I just had another look at those last to pics. Power lead wound around an old worn-out condom?

    PUKE – GAG – YUCK!

  8. I’m not fond of the cable winders on the power supply jr, you end up pulling the cable at an angle from the power brick. I’ve had one develop a break in the cable there and have sworn of it since.

  9. Oh Wah is safe now, as of yesterday I am engaged to be married to a 24 year old yahoo boy in Texas. We are Odinists and are getting married in Vegas both dressed as Elvis.

  10. Oh well, someone’s gotta keep the comments going around here, while Dave’s in Dubbo twittering away.

    I’m in Dubbo. It’s still here, he says.

    Well what a fckn surprise that is.

  11. So Dave, if you watched Sky News tonight (as you indicated on Twitter) in your 1.5 star Dubbo motel, I guess you’d have been watching the Qld election coverage, as I was back here in little ol’ Bright.

    Great result, not just for Anna & Qld but also for KRudd & WSwan, wouldn’t you say? Clear endorsement of Federal Labor direction. Although the conservatives will obviously say, “it was won/lost on State issues”.

    See what you COULD get if you dumped geekdom for pay TV !!!

  12. I had left for this evening’s social engagement before the polls closed in quinceland.

    I agree that it’s a good result for Bligh, but remember, even Morris Iemma was able to beat a half-arsed bunch of conservatives. The real test is whether Qld Labor can reinvent themselves and refresh their government, unlike the rabble running NSW.

  13. Well the ‘Borg has announced he’s stepping down and I’m not aware of anyone in the LNP capable of stepping up, even to his ‘country hick’ status.

    Gotta agree though that the ALP in your State, Dave, is probably on the way out. Is that why your website is on Qld time? Thinking of moving north?

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