Malcolm can’t take a trick

Poor, poor Malcy. When he was booked in to appear on Insiders this morning the polls in Queensland were confidently pointing to his cousin Anna Bligh and the ALP copping a hiding on Saturday. I have no doubt that Malcolm would have been salivating at the thought of being able to declare that the Queensland election was a rejection of Kevin Rudd and the entire ALP platform.

Instead, the LNP couldn’t get any traction in South East Queensland and the ALP were comfortably returned. Turnbull really didn’t look like a happy camper this morning, he recited his standard lines, “jobs, jobs, jobs”, and my current favourite “We made a bad law less bad so that it will destroy fewer jobs”, but he didn’t even seem to be convincing himself.

On the bright side for Malcolm, the next state elections aren’t due until early 2010 and he won’t be depending on Lawrence Springborg to carry the flame for Australia’s conservatives next time around.

7 thoughts on “Malcolm can’t take a trick

  1. Yes, Ray, and then in years to come we can look back on the Abbott and Costello years. Kevin’s looking forward to those years too.

  2. For a while there it looked like we’d never get to see ‘the comedy duo’ as no. 1 & no. 2 bananas in the Liberal Party bunch. Now it looks a real possibility. Dreams do come true.

  3. Either Abbott or Costello would be electoral poison, but their egos, and in Costello’s case sycophantic hangers-on, prevent them from seeing this.

    As many people have already said, the next Liberal PM probably isn’t in parliament yet.

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