10 thoughts on “Capitalism

  1. We’re doing better than: ex-communist Russia, Cuba, and any other communist State. And the average Austn is better off than the average Chinese. Am I missing your point here, Dave?

  2. It was more snark than genuine commentary Ray. That said, there’s been no shortage of triumphalism about the west ‘defeating’ communism, and yet we find ourselves in the midst of an economic downturn which has no cause beyond unfettered capitalism.Your own outcry over the behaviour of the ANZ and Pacific Brands CEOs makes no sense in a purely capitalistic society, as they are merely enhancing their own profits, supposedly the single aim of capitalism.

    I think the reality is that we need to reflect on the importance of things beyond the profit motive, and at 1am this morning, the poster above seemed a good way to express it.

  3. I feel like I’m back in the 60s !!! The ‘Thoughts of Mao’ were a big seller back then but, even though I joined in ‘the revolution’, it made no fckn sense to me. It was just a hoot.

    As for the PB & ANZ matter, well if you define capitalism so purely (and extremely) then you’re right.

    But it is possible to have a capitalist-based society (the only proven kind, btw) and still have regulations and political programs that hold it to account and ensure it works for the benefit of the wider masses. (Chairman Mao chapter 542)

  4. Well by definition Ray, capitalism in its essence should be without constraints. I agree that a society based on capitalist principles is the best starting point for a modern society, but it’s not sustainable without regulation to protect all of the participants.

    As I said, the point that I was making is that we need to look beyond the profit motive and also be a little more humble about our own ability to manage the world around us.

  5. I love you Comrade Dave.

    I have some nascent political theory in my mind that combines bits of capitalism/consumerism and bits of communism/socialism, but it’s my happy place that I don’t want torn to shreds just yet, so I don’t share it around much.

  6. Capitalism? What capitalism? Oh you mean that thing that the government has chained up so tight with regulation that it is about to crack through the foundation, that thing that socialists and corporatists abuse to get wealth they haven’t earned, while leftists chant that it is evil?

    ….under the circumstances it’s working out remarkably well, considering what people are putting it through. At this rate – I would expect people to have stopped working and started sitting down waiting for government handouts. Will be interesting to see how well people will be doing when the final capitalist has gone into hiding. I will save my “Go USSR”-chanting because I have a nasty suspicion that we may get to see what it’s like in our lifetime…

    //hpx Save Capitalism

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