Foreign Relations

A sub-editor for a major metropolitan newspaper sent me an unedited copy of one of the stories filed by the Australian Press corps travelling with Prime Minister Rudd in the USA.

OK, like that guy Kevin, was saying a while ago that he was going to go and hang with Barry’s gang, and we all thought that he was just big noting himself ’cause when George’s gang were still top dogs John used to hang with him and so we figured Kevin just wanted to look like he had friends.

Anyway, the other day Kevin says he’s seriously going to see Barry, and we’re all like, sure you are, and he’s like, well come and watch then, so we did. And OMG! Barry totally let Kevin hang with him and THEN Kevin went and hung out with Barry’s friends Nancy and Hilary. We couldn’t believe it.

Anyway, when Kevin was leaving Barry’s place we called out “Hey Barry, why don’t ya com to our place” and he was all like “That’d be cool. I’ve been before, I love you guys.” Can you believe it? Barry really likes us? That is so cool.

Hillary actually said we were best friends, well sorta, she actually said that she didn’t have any better friends, so we’re at least on the top rung. So suck on that UK, we’re just as good as you.

13 thoughts on “Foreign Relations

  1. I initially read this and didn’t find it that funny. After watching the news this piece is hilarious and so spot on.

  2. I was a little frustrated there was no “loose” mike switched on when Kev and Baz went into that little huddle before they gave the reporters the news of “the meeting of minds”.

  3. Don’t expect a response, JR. Dave’s in Melbourne for the Grand Pricks and, according to his comment on Twitter, he’s at the Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda … getting pissed with the grunge crowd no doubt.

    Wrong move, Dave … wrong venue!

  4. No need, Ray. It was just an observation on my part.

    BTW, good luck with the rodders meeting tomorrow night.

  5. This running commentary Dave is giving on his ‘trip to the big smoke’ (on his Twitter comments in the sidebar) is actually quite amusing. He seems to be ‘covering his tracks’. Hmm, is that how he communicates with Mrsdave now, by posting “I’m being a good boy” comments on Twitter?

    Talk about ‘foreign relations’ !!

  6. On the other side of the coin where the stories about the American media and public not taking an interest in Rudd. No shit, of course they don’t care!
    As Dave from Flight of the Conchords would say about Rudd and the NZ Prime Minister – “he’s from Austria and he’s from fuck knows where.”

  7. While Dave’s away playing ‘brmm, brmms’ with racing cars at the GP in Melbourne, I feel obliged to provide interpretations of his inebriated Twitter comments that are chronicling his experience in the land of the tall buildings. Here’s his latest:

    Just finished drinks with the grodsies. I feel like ;;;; visiting Willy Wonka.

    And in English: “Scott, Ant et al of Grods Inc. are my heroes and all my Christmases have just come at once (they bought me a lemonade!) Iain Hall’s nirvana might be toy cars but mine is playing with real F1 toy cars and fawning up to Melbourne lefties.”

  8. Dave on Twitter today: St Kilda bowlo. Best bar at the #F1GP (about 4 hours ago from twibble)

    Interpretation: “I’m pissed again”.

    This weekend is sounding like one long pub crawl.

  9. And this: Trip highlight, our cab being pulled over for crossing double lines & running a red light… at the same intersection

    So this incident tops drinks with the Grods?

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