8 thoughts on “Fairfax – Serious News

  1. I blame Baby Boomers. For all their youthful enthusiasm for change they seem incapable of thinking outside the box any more.

    I don’t know if you’ve read much stuff coming out of the US regarding the death of newspapers over there, but the common element seems to be that news organisations looked at the internet and instead of asking “What business model will work there?” instead asked “How can we force this new medium to support our existing business model?”.

    The only reason that Fairfax has any claim to quality anymore is that their major opposition is the News Ltd tabloids. Lesser of two evils does not equate to quality in my book.

  2. OK, Dave’s gone missing and his Twitter feed is down. But here are his last two Twitter entries:

    Home. Kids in bed. Almost ready to follow suit.
    (about 4 hours ago from TweetDeck)
    Lunch with the outlaws. Yay for well stocked cellars.
    (about 9 hours ago from twibble)

    So, what we can surmise from this is:

    Dave got pissed over lunch with his inlaws, managed to find his way home and crawled into bed around 7.30pm. … sex maniac! And we thought you were religious and all that stuff and respected Good Friday. Hmphh, I bet you even ate meat!

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