Public Service Announcement

It’s okay everybody. Do not panic. The shops will be open again on Saturday!

I had the misfortune today to find myself at a shopping centre. It was utter madness. Unless there was some announcement that I missed about every commercial venture in Australia ending today the mad rush by people to stock up was completely ridiculous.

This seems to be the pattern whenever there’s a public holiday, the day before people start obsessing about their shopping as if world war three was about to break out and they require whatever provisions they can find. What I find even more incredible is that despite the lunacy the day before a long weekend, there seems to be no drop in activity in town during the long weekend.

If you’re going into town on Saturday anyway, why do you need three weeks worth of groceries today?

On an unrelated note, I’m sick to death of hearing whinging arseholes complain that they should be able to go to the AFL on Good Friday because “I’m not a Christian”. Well if you’re not a Christian, why the hell are you taking a day off work? Stop being a lazy self centred prick. I bet you’d squeal like a stuck pig if the government decided to drop Good Friday or Easter Monday as public holidays, so shut up and eat your fish.

9 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement

  1. I’m sick to death of hearing whinging arseholes complain that they should be able to go to the AFL on Good Friday because “I’m not a Christian”.

    Christian or not, I think the (self-imposed) ban on AFL Footy on Good Friday is out-of-date and should be modified to allow a game on the Friday night. This would respect the bulk of the day for what it is meant to be respected for, and it’s a reasonable compromise.

    It’s not that long ago since footy was banned on Sundays.

    PS: The shops are open in Bright tomorrow, Dave. We’re all heathens over here.

  2. Ray, I think that you’re probably right, but that never seems to be the argument put forward. It’s always the secular argument, which is fine by me too, so long as the heathens go to work.

    Greg, it’s not just Easter, it’s every bloody long weekend, people just go nuts, it confounds me every time. No Easter will ever be as fun as the one when Mrsdave decided to use talcum powder to make bunny footprints on the polished timber floor, and then spent the next week or so slipping over on the remnants.

  3. The heathens don’t have jobs to go to, Dave, and they’re all over here at the moment. I kid you not, it’s like someone picked upped outer-Melton West and shifted it to the Bright caravan park. Bogans everywhere.

  4. No, not here. We have a strictly ‘no bogans’ policy, it says so, out the front. Besides, they can’t afford it, even with the handout cheques. We’re only interested in the ‘uber rich’.

  5. Boyo has the same attitude – except he wants to see the holiday itself scrapped and bring in a rotating system of holidays. So people with kids could take it during the holidays and people without could choose one either side or whatever.

  6. It’s becoming increasingly impossible to escape people with hordes of kids around here. Our tourist demographic has changed dramatically since the GFC started in September last year. We used to get more mature age travellers and plenty of seniors. Now it seems we’re over-run with families benefiting from lower home mortgage interest rates and the ‘working families’ handout cheques.

    I’m not kidding, the change has been dramatic. Am I complaining? Dunno yet, but it’s just hard to get used to.

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