Spending your stimulus

Stimulus cheques are making the way around the nation at the moment and there are plenty of retailers who are gearing up to take them from us. While an upgraded TV or piece of home theatre equipment is a tempting treat I think the message that should be being sent from the government is to spend the money with local service businesses. Sadly, I think that the government’s blunt message of ‘spend, spend, spend’ has played right into the hands of companies with big advertising budgets, and should have been better conveyed.

While it’s true that buying goods helps our local economies, and that retailers deserve support, the most bang for your buck surely has to come from spending your money on something where the labour cost is a large component. Whether it’s getting an overdue service done on your car, having the gutters and down-pipes professionally cleared, getting a hair-cut or pampering yourself at a salon, your money will make a bigger impact in your community when it’s going to other people rather than to overseas manufacturers.

By all means use the money on goods that you needed anyway, but please think twice before buying stuff just because you can.

10 thoughts on “Spending your stimulus

  1. Actually, the haircut is not that bad an idea. I usually don’t bother with any of those beauty treatment things, but 900 free dollars may tempt me into a few high-cost indulgences.

    What other service-based options are there for people who own neither house nor car….? Oh my god.

    I could hire a cleaner. *dead from joy*

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