Who will save your soul?

As a kid I only had a passing interest in Dungeons and Dragons, it was basically a good excuse for congregating with the other geeks in the library at school. Therefore, I never really paid much attention to the occult paranoia that surrounded D & D in the mid 80s and my only memory of it is a vague recollection of an American 60 Minutes report that got a run on our local edition one Sunday night. So it was with great delight that I found the following piece of christian literature via a google search the other day.

I don’t think that there is anything I can write that is as funny as this comic from a US based christian publisher.

If you want to see Debbie redeemed you can read the rest of the comic.

I considered for a second that perhaps I should reject Dungeons and Dragons, like Debbie did, but then I read on the site that Catholics are already going to hell, so I figured ‘why not enjoy myself on the way’.

My biggest problem now is that my players have begun demanding that I find a witches coven for them to join once they hit level 8.

6 thoughts on “Who will save your soul?

  1. LOL – what a pisser, good to see the Christians are in touch as usual. Never mind the drugs, alcohol, under age sex etc etc – D&D will take you down!

  2. That would be a funny cartoon if it were not for the fact that the loonies who penned it were serious.

  3. I’ve got no idea what all that was about but I’m glad that Marcie hung herself. She was a real pain in the arse.

    Btw Dave, how come you’re not down at Winton covering the petrolhead event on Twitter?

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