Busy weekend ahead

I’ll be keeping busy this weekend doing stuff with Albury Apex.

Saturday morning we have a second hand book sale in QEII square, books are one dollar each or you can grab a shopping bag full for five dollars.

Sunday morning we’ll be at the finish line of the Nail Can Hill Run selling sausage sandwiches and burgers. All of our meat comes from the award winning Morrison Street Butchers, so it’s super tasty.

Two great opportunities for you to support your local Apex Club.

10 thoughts on “Busy weekend ahead

  1. Hey dude – I will be at the finish line hooking into one of those. If I am still alive post race 🙂

  2. Every year people ask why we sell snags, burgers and soft drinks at the end of a cross country run, and every year the competitors answer the question for us.

    Are you doing Nail Can on the bike or on foot?

  3. What, you’re not coming to the Bright Gala Day Parade, Dave?

    Shame on you. You should be spending your stimulus cheque supporting regional businesses, remember?

    Besides, it’s a real ‘hoot’.

  4. No Dave, it’s by locals and of locals, but (for some strange reason) it still attracts a lot of tourists.

    Anyway, you’ll need a visa to cross the border and you’ll also need to fail an IQ test to get into Bright. Don’t forget your swine flu vaccination certificate. See ya at the sausage sizzle by the clock tower – only $2 (with bread & sauce).

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