Twitter delivers

Last night’s Logie Awards ceremony was a shambolic disaster. Gretel Killeen’s first go at hosting the Logies was so bad it almost made you wish for Wendy Harmer, most of the presenters were wooden and the banter was insufferable. Most years I would have followed my normal course of action and switched it off, but this year there was a surprise ingredient that made the Logies must watch TV, twitter.

One of the great features of twitter is its real time search results which, in addition to letting you search for whatever you’re interested in, lists the top ten terms in use at that time, the trending topics. Last night during the telecast both “Logies” and “Gretel” made their way into the top ten and clicking on either of them led to some of the funniest commentary you’d ever read.

Mumbrella’s Tim Burrows summed it up best when he tweeted Twitter does for the Logies what Terry Wogan does for Eurovision. He was spot on, except it was more like having a hundred Terry Wogans, all bringing their own unique take on the event.

The twitter stream was bolstered by Wil Anderson, who was actually giving a running commentary from the event. Because the telecast was on a 30 minute delay, Wil’s tweets gave a glimpse into the awful future that we were yet to see.

The best comment of the night however definitely went to comedian Dan Ilic, giving his review of the woeful Peter Phelps sketch with Humphrey B. Bear. “Humphrey on stage begging for a job. No pants, no speech, wild gestures. That’s not kids tv, that’s an ice addict.”

So with the sad news that there will be no Terry Wogan commentary on SBS’ Eurovision telecast this year it’s great to know that there will still be a reliable source of snark to drag us through until the final vote is cast.

5 thoughts on “Twitter delivers

  1. Gretel Killeen’s first go at hosting the Logies

    What? Are you implying she’ll get a 2nd gig, Dave? I didn’t watch it (my bad taste barometer put out a red alert warning) but did Gretel do her usual I-can’t-talk-but-I-sure-as-hell-can scream-at-you presentation? That woman needs to turn the volume down in her shrill voice.

    But the Twittering comments? Yeah, so funny, witty and … well plain fckn stupid.

  2. Gretel tried to tone down a little, but she wrote all her own material, and advertised the fact in the credits, and it was just horrible. Her segment from the Logies bathroom was particularly crappy.

    There were some very funny skits going behind the scenes at each network to show their Gold Logies campaigns, particular props to Adam Hills for crash tackling a passer by who wouldn’t vote for him. Also commendable were the pieces done by Myles Barlow in the style of his ABC2 program.

    Dave Hughes and Shaun Micallef were the highlights of the evening on stage.

    Wil’s tweets were great, but he recycled his material from a couple of years ago when he got up to present.

  3. You’ve been very kind to other contributors on the night, but are being sadly modest about your own fine contribution.
    My personal fave was, “Gretel’s wig supplied by Bert Newton”. Gold.

  4. Why thank you Miss Andrea you are too kind, but surely you know that I am modesty personified. I have to admit, I still think that my most poignant observation came during Rove’s feeble attempt at presenting an award.

    “When even Rove doesn’t respect the #logies anymore, does that mean that they have officially jumped the shark?”

    I think the answer is a resounding yes.

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