Almost ready to crack

It seems that the AFL and their free to air broadcast partner, Channel Ten, have managed to achieve what a swathe of tele-marketers, door to door salesman and annoying gits at shopping centres could not, made me seriously contemplate pay TV.

The Dreamtime at the G concept is great, but when you show around half an hour of pre-match entertainment on a telecast which is already delayed, it quickly grates. So for almost an hour now Buster Boy has been patiently waiting to see some footy, while I have been assuring him that the game would begin any minute now.

The final result, Buster Boy fell asleep just as the opening bounce went up. I doubt he’ll be in a hurry to stay up and watch the footy next week.

11 thoughts on “Almost ready to crack

  1. Don’t know what you’re on about, Dave. Football? What’s that?

    I’m busy watching the astronauts trying to negotiate the weather in order to land safely. They’re already a day late. It’s free and (on a mac) it’s live. Windows users get it around 16 seconds later.

    Hope I don’t look like I’m hijacking your blog. 🙂

  2. When I saw the title of this post, I thought Troll Princess must have done something reeeeeally bad. Badder than locking you out of your house.

  3. Well she ran across the road and covered half a block before I could catch her, followed by a refusal to get in the car and a general tantrum, but that’s pretty much a regular outing.

  4. Spot on Dave. The over-long introduction was a source of great conflict in our household.

    Leanne, who thinks anything & everything indigenous is to be revered and placed higher than the holy grail itself (i.e. AFL footy) thought it was o-so-wonderful that we were adopting aboriginal culture as our own. I, on the other hand, said I don’t think we need to “adopt it”, just recognise & acknowledge it. That, however, does not extend to dragging out the start of what (in reality) was just another home & away game.

    Also, as I’ve said at my site, it’s more than a little patronosimg (in my opinion) to only recognise the magnificent contribution of indigenous players in one game, Essendon v Richmond, just because their combined colours are the same as the aboriginal flag.

    Let’s pay tribute to them properly and select an indigenous team to play against a non-indigenous one in the mid-season break. I’ll back the blacks to win it.

  5. The AFL is working hard to make the game of Australian football irrelevant. Stupid rule changes every year, more umpires on the ground than you can poke a stick at, a sanitized salary cap, control of players unlike any other sport and a denial that AFL players even have sex. Now, real football the one played with a round ball makes a lot more sense…..Needless to say I gave up on AFL years ago…Its dull!

  6. Unless it’s a match I can watch while sitting on the bonnet of a car that’s been driven right up to the boundary line, I’m not interested in it.

    I don’t watch a lot of FTA these days…

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