My wife went to Melbourne

and all I got was this t-shirt.


Which led me to think about the contents of my wardrobe. Basically it’s a collection of T-shirts, with a few random items thrown in for times when t-shirts are apparently inappropriate (weddings, court appearances and funerals I guess) so I thought it’d be fun to play a game with you all over the next week or so.

Starting Wednesday, I’ll upload pictures of three t-shirts each day. What I want you to do is tell me where they’re from and what they’re promoting. Bonus points will be awarded for extra detail, like the name of the album or concert tour being pimped on a band shirt, or the year a particular festvial was held. The only rules are that you can’t use teh google (or any other search engines smart arse) and you can’t ask Mrsdave for help.

Why would you want to take part? Well unlike some websites whose competitions promise much and deliver little, the winner will receive a limited edition Dave from Albury t-shirt, which will be perfect for mowing the lawn, wearing to bed, or polishing your car with.

The first set of photos will go live at 13:00 EST this Wednesday and will continue each day until I run out of shirts.

13 thoughts on “My wife went to Melbourne

  1. I’m going for ironic.

    I actually wore it today when I briefly went into town, but felt I should have taken some tracts with the definition of irony on them for offended locals. I’ll work my way up to wearing it to one of the fine hospitality establishments we have here in Albury one night.

  2. Doesn’t beat my 23 yr old brother’s shirt proclaiming next to the picture of a red hot rod – “My other hot rod is in my pants” or the event he wore it to….Christmas….at my husbands parents.
    Enjoy Your Retard.

  3. A nice “companion” shirt would be “I’m with retard” with an appropriate arrow. Then you and Mrs Dave can take turns.

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