29 thoughts on “Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #1

  1. Oooh #1 is The Whitlams tour tshirt from around… 2000. I have that exact one, except mine’s signed by Tim.

    Next two are beyond me. Unless the middle one is university based.

  2. 1. Denis Walter’s farewell tour 2008. From the album ’40 years of ballads sung by a real goose – that’s “style”.’

    2. Your primary school band’s T-shirt. You played the triangle.

    3. It’s from your ‘I love the Wiggles’ T-shirt, which you paid $49 for at their last Melbourne concert. You had front row seats.

    So, do I win?

  3. This is only part one Ray. No points yet I’m afraid. I’ll give a point to anyone who can figure out what the third shirt is paying homage to. It’s an 80’s movie.

  4. Oh – the bottom one is in homage to Tron ? I don’t know how the fish comes into it.

    And they were touring…. Jeez. A little tough that one. I first saw them as a support act, when they were touring Eternal Nightcap. That gig was a headline gig where I got the t-shirt, complete with a press of crazy girlfans, so… I’d say they were beginning to tour Love This City at that point, but relying a lot on the material from Eternal Nightcap

  5. Dave, unless you get some interesting questions going about Don McLean, I’m not playing either.

    And the first to ask who the F**K is Don Mclean is dead meat.

  6. How dare you suggest I cheat! Very disappointed in you. I wouldn’t stoop that low. So I got Mrs JR to google it. Don’t tell me that’s outside the rules too or we’ll have to stop you making up the rules as you go along.

  7. Ray, the person with the most points at the end of the challenge gets a custom designed, one of a kind, Dave from Albury T-shirt as a prize. Surely you can see the value in that?

  8. I guess this competition just wasn’t designed for baby-boomers like me. This is like a foreign language. I wish I’d kept my T-shirts from my younger days then you could have fun guessing just what the hell that crocodile logo meant.

  9. The original “Love This City” was a B-Side to the “I Make Hamburgers” single, and was called “Sydney 2000”

  10. Shirt 2 is specifically a 2UNE shirt – the title TUNE FM came later. The 2UNE shirt was from some time between 1998 and 2000, my guess is 1999.

  11. True, but not as mind altering as some of the stuff I bought later on. I do own a CD containing a 78 minute pipe organ drone…

  12. Definitely 1997. I got one from said Lacey, in 1998. I had that Whitlams single in my hot little hand too, ready to give you all the b-side goodness, when I saw ADM got in first. D’oh.

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