Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #2

With 100flowers on three points and lemmiwinks on two, we move into the next round of the Dave from Albury T-Shirt challenge. Comments on round one are still open, so if you can give any more detail about the Whitlams shirt or shirt number three, there are points still on offer.

Round Two shirts are below the fold.

An easy one to start with today.
An easy one to start with today.


I'm afraid I can't let you play that, Dave
I'm afraid I can't let you play that, Dave

30 thoughts on “Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #2

  1. I recognised number 3 from your ‘ring of death’ post. But do I get some points for saying that I’m absolutely gobsmacked that you actually had that printed for you? And that it was at the ‘Mr Minute’ booth in Albury Centro shopping centre?

  2. I’ll give you a point for the link to the previous post Ray, but I didn’t have it custom made. And you lose a point for not realising that the ‘Dave’ referred to is from 2001, surely a baby boomer should know that? 😉

  3. 2001 a Space Odyssey came out in the mid 70s, I think. So yeah, I would have known that if I had seen it again since then and if I’d found the film in any way memorable. I haven’t and I didn’t. It was very over-rated and all I can recall is that ridiculous ending where some poor fucker gets shot off into space forever. Oh yeah, and like that’s how 2001 really turned out, far outer-space travel and super intelligent computers running everything!

  4. Boy, you have way to much time on your hands.

    Is the first one to do with your Duke?

    I’ve seen the middle one, but as if I pay any attention to the significance of what you wear! Regurgitator maybe?

  5. Regurgitator – shit… it was TISM that I was thinking of. Seems that I give your music taste less attention than your clothes.
    One of the best on the spot interviews I’ve heard was on 2UNE with ‘hitler’.

  6. Hang on, I recognise that first T shirt. You wore it to the first bloggers meet at Milawa and I’ve got a photo of you in it. It’s the one with the poser Ducati bage on the sleeve, right?

  7. I specifically put the Ducati shirt in as an easy one for you and jr, Ray. Lee was the first to identify it though. Sorry, no points.

    Anyone care to add any more detail?

  8. Hang on, here are your rules: Points will be awarded for correctly identifying what the shirt is for and bonus points will be awarded for extra detail.

    Where does it say points will only be awarded to the FIRST person who identifies it? Lee’s ‘Duke’ answer wasn’t exactly a giveaway and my identification was the result of my own ‘skill’ and powers of observation. I also added extra detail about where you wore it. Protest!

  9. “A” point? It deserves two surely, one for identication and one for extra detail (I mentioned the poser badge too!)

    Getting back to no. 3. If you didn’t have that logo printed on it then I should get an extra point for the observation that you obviously do your shopping at ‘geek swap meets’.

  10. Dave, a thought has just occured to me. How mant T-shirts do you own? I’ve just done a quick count of mine and including polos (the ones with collars) and long-sleeved Ts, I’ve got about 60. If you’re like me we’re going to be playing this game for the next 3 weeks.

  11. We could all take turns playing this game. I have quite a few t-shirts to choose from, and some terrible CDs I want to give away.

  12. I’ve got t-shirts dating back… shit, I’ve got one from 1983 or thereabouts. Were I to do something like this, I’d be perverse enough to post the t-shirts that were impossible to guess.

    And I’m at least 7 colours of envious over the RROD t-shirt.

  13. It occurs to me that I do not have a single t-shirt with an image on it (other than a Yankee’s one that I wear to bed). I suddenly feel very un-cool. Although that preposes that you guys are cool, which you’re probably not (or ‘are not’ in Dave’s case). Now I’m feeling a little less un-cool. If you post an image of your Lego watch, I will re-valuate again in my favour.

  14. In totally unrelated matters, we need an update post on Mrs Dave’s Melbourne adventure. I hear that you were quite the domestic goddess?

  15. Lee, I personally am so cool that I’ve moved beyond the commonly known markers of ‘cool’, and into a whole new realm where only those rare few who are cooler than I can recognise my own coolness..

    Lunchtime. I’m bored. Hurry up with those t-shirts, Dave.

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