My morning with Ron Hitler Barassi.

Over a decade ago now, while I should have been diligently working on my honours project, most of my time was spent in the cramped, noisy, wonderful confines of the University of New England’s student radio station 2UNE. For the first two terms in 1998 I hosted the breakfast show, along with anyone who I could convince to get out of bed before 9am. As a result of being at the station every morning, it was not uncommon for me to hang around and either help or hinder the subsequent presenters for most of the day. This may go some way to explaining why I never submitted an honours project. Despite the many hours that I spent on air, the only record I have of my time at 2UNE is a single cassette tape of my interview with Ron Hitler Barassi.

1998 was the year that Miss Andrea took the reigns as station manager at 2UNE, making the move from 3RRR in Melbourne to our pokey little station in our pokey little town. One of the many wonderful things about Miss Andrea’s arrival was the fact that she knew people from record companies, which meant that we got to interview actual musicians. I can’t remember what kind of bribery was demanded, but I was given the task of interviewing the lead singer of TISM, Ron Hitler Barassi, not long after their album was released.

Although it was just a phone interview, Miss Andrea had completely psyched me out by telling tales of how hideously TISM usually treated interviewers. I prepared a long list of questions, reviewed them time and again, and hoped like hell that I could weave some of them into whatever random stream of thought that Ron decided to present.

The tape of that interview is one of the few things, t-shirts aside, that I still have from my years at uni and it’s been hiding at the bottom of a drawer for a few years now. Lee’s comment has prompted me to fish it out, convert it to an mp3 and share it with you. The content is not safe for work, Ron and I both refer to TISM’s body of work, and the audio quality of the first 30 seconds is pretty awful, but here it is in its unedited glory.

I miss radio.

2 thoughts on “My morning with Ron Hitler Barassi.

  1. Jayzus, is that why Mrs Dave went to Melbourne, to listen to some radio, because THE compound has no radio?

    Shit, I think we should pass the hat around to get Dave a crystal set at least.

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