24 thoughts on “Dave from Albury T-Shirt Challenge #4

  1. Easy peasy.

    Middle one is a Kevin 07 tshirt, probably purchased online before the 2007 Federal election for a price of around $15 or so.

    I feel like I should give someone else a chance.. it’s like I’m back in Uni and answering tutorial questions because no one else is speaking.

  2. One I actually know!!! KEV 007!! and 100flowers beat me to it!!!
    (Can I have 1/2 point anyway Dave???? Pretty Please???) C’mon – been tryin’ ALLLL week!!

  3. Miss Lallybroach may have a point or two from me Dave. I’m horribly gracious and generous that way.

    I worked out the fish stuff as well, but it involved… *ahem* research skills, so I won’t say anything.

  4. You are ridiculously close Matt. The Blowfish also featured in round one, so who ever figures it out already has another point waiting for them.

    100Flowers, you are indeed gracious.

    Miss Lallybroach, I’ll have to consider your request.

  5. It would be the first or second year – when you started working for the sponser. Therefore, around 2000.

  6. I thought Williams … anyway, you probably bought it for Heidfeld because you think you look like him. Still would have been early 2000’s. What years did we go? 01?

  7. I was shooting for bonus points by guessing the year. If points are available, I could have a stab at the year for the second one too. Let me know.

  8. Actually, we went in ’02 didn’t we. That was Webber’s year. Unlikely that we went in 03 as well. Must be ’02 then.

  9. I cannot believe how badly Lee and Alex have failed with this effort. Kudos to Al for picking shirt #3, but your guesses as to the year have been beyond awful. BMW Sauber didn’t exist in ’01, ’02, ’03 or ’05. We didn’t go to the GP in ’06 or ’08 and the shirt wasn’t bought this year.

  10. I guess the reason the shirt looks so old and grotty is to do more with your laundry habits than the age of the T-shirt than I thought.

  11. Why on earth did you support Sauber on ’07?

    I was right about you thinking you looked like Heidfeld, wasn’t I? Point for that?

  12. Uh, I know I was just saying I was worried about the geek factor, but I think the first one is OpenBSD?

    They’ve got pufferfish happening (Although I thought it looked different to that)

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